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   Chapter 34 Ignore You

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It rained more and more heavily. Her frail body hurt badly.

She felt weak and numb after a long walk. But she couldn't stop, because she didn't know where she really belonged to.

Passers-by looked at her from time to time, but no one was willing to reach out a helping hand to shelter her from rain.

When she was exhausted and fell to the ground, a luxurious black Bentley stopped by the roadside. A man in a suit came out from the car and walked towards her with an umbrella in his hand.

The footsteps came closer and closer. Lying on the ground, Euralia stroked her unkempt hair back from her eyes and looked up in surprise. She shouted a name.


Bill gazed softly at the woman on the ground. At this moment, he only had sympathy for her. Even though he hated her mention of that man most.

He held the umbrella for her while reaching out one hand to pull her up.

"Go home with me."

At the sight of Bill, Euralia instantly became unkind.

People usually only showed their worst self to the closest person, so did she.

"You followed me again?" Her eyes were full of resentment.

Bill didn't want to say more. She was wet all over, so she had to go back and change her clothes in case of being sick.

He squatted down and pulled her up.

"I don't need your concern. I don't want to owe you anything." Instead of being grateful, she started to complain.

"Don't be naughty, Euralia." He was averse to her acid remarks. He was a man of tolerance, but he did have the bottom line.

Carrying her luggage, Euralia went forward quickly, and Bill followed her closely with an umbrella.

"Stop it!" He grasped her arm furiously.

With a wave of her hand, the umbrella in his hand rolled to the side of the road in the wind. Bill's body was soon wet by the rain.

He went back to Mandy's home after work. Mandy told him that Euralia didn't want to live with him, so she just moved away. As soon as he got the news, he immediately came out to look for her.

But she didn't put his worries in her heart at all.

"You made me do this! If it weren't for you, Mandy and I wouldn't have ended up like this." She even vented all the responsibility for the end of their friendship and resentment to him.

Her hoarse voice made Bill couldn't bear to argue with her and he didn't allow her to stay in the rain. Regardless of her resistance, he forcefully lifted her up and walked towards the car.

"Bill, please put me down!"

She exerted all her strength to struggle as the blood in her arm dyed his white shirt red.

Her body was cold. The more she struggled, the more dizzy she felt. Meanwhile, the wound on her arm was painful from the rain water. She suddenly stopped struggling and passed out.

Bill was extremely nervous. He picked her up and hurried to the car to take her home.

In Euralia's room, the doctor was checking her. Bill was pacing back and forth.

"Mr. Bill, lady Euralia is fine. She fell down just because she got a fever after getting wet in the rain." The doctor reported to him after the check-up.

Bill nodded and asked the servant to send the doctor out. He stayed with her alone.

His heart ached when he saw her wrapped arm,


"Just sleep." He caressed her half face and coaxed her.

"Is the back of your hand that was bitten by me not painful enough last time?" She opened her mouth and tried to bite his hand.

He reached out the other hand to hold the other side of her face. Then he hold her neck!

"Have a good rest."

"I don't need your hypocritical concern, Bill."

"Do you think all my care for you is just fake?"

"Yes! You are using me all the time."

Her willfulness always hurt the people who loved her the most.

Bill didn't lose his temper at once. He was pissed off and left.

Not long after he walked out, Terri came to her room.

"My lady, is Mr. Bill mad at you again?"

"I'm mad at him. I'm too impatient to talk to him." She answered sulkily.

"We all know how kind he is to you." Although Bill left in anger, he did not forget to tell Terri to take good care of her.

"Well, don't mention him in front of me. I want to have a rest. Terri, you'd better go out." Euralia couldn't listen to anyone's advice now.

Terri had no choice but to leave her alone in the room.

After Terri left, the first thought came to her mind was to leave. She stood up and went to the balcony to have a look. There were several bodyguards outside the door.

She knew that in order to prevent her from leaving, Bill would send more people to guard the gate. This was not the first time. She always sneaked out when she had a good time, and he had sent people to guard her safety many times.

She went back to her room and began to make a plan of her escape!

Finally, she used the most old method, that was, to pretend to be sick! She was quite sure of the success of this trick.

Thinking of this, she closed the door immediately and hopped in the room to raise her body temperature. Then she covered herself tightly with quilt on the bed.

"Terri, Terri!" She opened the door and called her in a feeble voice.

Terri came up from downstairs and saw Euralia's red face. She touched her forehead and it felt burning.

"Miss, you have a fever again!"

Euralia nodded eagerly.

"Hurry up! Take me to the hospital!"

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