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   Chapter 33 Gossip

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The next day, when Euralia woke up from a nightmare, she found that she was already in bed. She immediately uncovered the quilt and saw her clothes and her cap complete. She was relieved.

Last night, while she was sleeping, Bill picked her up and put her on the bed, while he was sleeping on the sofa. It was just that Euralia didn't notice his care for her.

A glass of milk was placed in the most conspicuous place on the table. She knew that it must be from Bill.

"Milk? Who wants your milk? Shameless! Bastard! " She was so pissed off that she kept cursing Bill.

She took up the milk and walked to the bathroom. As soon as the cup was tilted, her stomach rumbled.

"Forget it. Why do you blame yourself?" She talked to herself and drank up all the milk.

Euralia walked out of his room and went back to her own.

Was there a thief last night? The first idea came to her mind. Because all her belongings, including the suitcase she put at the door, were gone mysteriously.

"Is there a thief in the house, Mandy?"

When Euralia ran out of the living room to look for her, she saw her clapping her hands and coming in.

Thief? There was a disgusting thief last night. " Mandy sat on the sofa. She just packed up Euralia's things and threw them out of the door.

She had tried her best to give Eauralia a lesson only when she had a good rest.

"Then have you called the police?" Asked Euralia nervously.

"No, I have dealt with it by myself." The thief Mandy was referring to was Euralia. She was even more nasty than a thief. She cheated on her brother and stole her love.

If it was not a thief, then who would it be?

"Deal with it? Are you okay? " Euralia was run down the stairs to see if she was hurt.

"Euralia, don't pretend to be innocent in front of me." Mandy was even more angry after seeing Euralia's naive look,.

You are definitely a villain who spoke ill of others behind their backs, but you still pretend to be innocent in front of me! She couldn't restrain her anger as she thought of the fact that Euralia has been trying to sabotage her relationship with Bill.

"Where is my luggage?" It was not until then that Euralia realized that Mandy had changed. Euralia was so surprised about this.

"Hey, guys! You are too kind to stay in a small place like my place. I've moved all your luggages out for you. "

She crossed her legs and glanced at Euralia scornfully.

Euralia opened the door and all her stuff was thrown out.

"Why do you treat me like this? Aren't we best friends? " Euralia didn't know what was going on and she came in to question her.

"Friend? When do you see me as your friend? A friend should belittle me and speak ill of me behind my back, right? " Mandy made up her mind and told Euralia all her ideas about her.

"Depreciate you? I never belittle you? I'm getting more and more confused with what you're talking about. " Euralia opened her eyes wide with astonishment.

She had always regarded Mandy as her best friend, but she didn't know how to react when she hated her for no reason.

"Hypocrite! Don't think I don't know what you said to your brother in the room. Yes, I don't deserve to be the lady of your family, and I'm not. So, please get out of here as well. "

She pointed at the door, trying to get her out of the h

that both Euralia's appearance and family background were much better than hers. That was also the main reason why she maintained a close relationship with Euralia.

But now their relationship had been stiff and it was impossible to go back to the past. She would let Euralia lose this enviable face.

She grabbed a piece of glass and raised her hand to slash at Euralia's face.

The glass streaked across Euralia's arm.

"Mandy, there is no going back between us." Not only was her kindness distorted, but also she intended to hurt her.

"We can't go back any more. Do you really think that I treat you as my best friend?" She laughed wildly, laughing at her ignorance and naivety. She never associated with this kind of people since there were no certain interests in the world.

It reminded Euralia of the first time when she met with Mandy. Mandy had run out of money for her wallet and she needed to take a taxi home. Finally, Euralia gave her money to go home.

They became best friends because of this. But she didn't expect that in the end, she had never sincerely treated their friendship.

"From now on, we are no longer friends."

She stood up determinedly, dragged her luggage and left.

"You must pay double for what you have done to me today, Euralia!" Mandy slowly got up and went home with several limps.

At the sight of this, Euralia weakly moved forward. Just now in front of her, she tried hard to hold back her tears, but after she turned around, her tears burst out like a flood.

She cherished their friendship very much, and now they were enemies. She was very sad.

Now she really became homeless, helpless and lonely.

Everything seemed to go against her. The clear sky suddenly became dark. Lightning flashed and thunder roared in the sky. It was about to rain.

The passers-by started to speed up. Some went home while some looked for a shelter from the rain. Only Euralia, dragging her suitcase, was wandering alone on the street.

In an instant, it began to rain cats and dogs, drenching her body. Her red and swollen eyes were hurt by the rain and her arm was bleeding.

She cried loudly in the street as she suffered a lot both mentally and physically.

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