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   Chapter 32 How Dare You Interfere In My Feelings

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Hearing that, Mandy lowered her head with guilt. At the same time, she found that her waist was empty and his hand had been pulled out of her body.

She raised her head and looked at Bill. The blue veins on his face were abrupt. It seemed that he was going to explode. Then the hand around his waist was suddenly pushed away.

Before she could stand firm, she twisted her waist. Her injured waist was crunching and it hurt so much that she bit her lips.

She couldn't be embarrassed at this critical moment! "Endure!"!

He stared angrily at Euralia.

She should have used the word 'shameless'! If it had been someone else, he would have already disappeared in front of his eyes. She challenged his bottom line again and again.

"Bill, don't be angry. She is still young and ignorant." Enduring the pain on her waist, Mandy came over and patted him gently on the chest, looking very intimate.

To have sex with him, she almost had her waist broken. What they needed to do now was to get rid of Euralia as soon as possible. What they needed to do right now was to finish what they hadn't finished yet. That was the most important thing.

"Mandy, he is not serious about you. Don't trust his honeyed words easily, or you will be hurt. "

He seemed to be a demon in Euralia eyes.

The look in Bill's eyes froze. He couldn't believe his ears. How much did Euralia hate him now. Charity! Shameless!

These words also made Mandy unhappy. Euralia repeatedly opposed their relationship because she thought that she didn't deserve her brother.

"Euralia, you're not him. How can you say something like that?" Mandy said angrily. She finally got her love, but now it was destroyed by her!

Even though they were bestie. She was going to ruin her life!

"I've lived with him for twelve years, and I know him better than you do. Mandy, don't be so stubborn." At the thought of this, Euralia stepped forward and pulled her to herself. She didn't allow them to get too close to each other.

However, Mandy got rid of her hand.

"Enough! How can you interfere in my feelings? It's you! " Mandy's eyes seemed to devour her. She couldn't stand it anymore.

Euralia was stunned by her sudden temper.

"I'm helping you, Mandy. What's wrong with you today?"

Mandy was so angry that her face turned livid and pale, like a bomb about to burst.

Bill had already guessed the reason why Mandy was angry. The real purpose he came here was to let Euralia go home. But somehow, a woman popped up in his plan.

But according to his observation these days, this bosom friend was not a good woman. She couldn't bully his favorite girl in front of him!

"Mandy, as an elder brother, I need to teach my sister. Please avoid it first." He could only stand his reproach. He was not happy to hear other people say anything bad about her.

When Mandy was about to burst out, her anger was instantly extinguished after being mentioned by him. She had to save face for the man she liked.

"OK, Bill, I will leave you two alone." Her voice became very gentle, and her lit

nd jealous. She was so angry that she wished she could tear Euralia apart. With a flash of gloomy in her eyes, she already had a plan.

It was late, and Mandy's eyelids were about to fall. She finally gave up the idea of eavesdropping outside the door and went back to her room to sleep.

Inside the room, however, Euralia couldn't blink as much as she could. She was watching him with her eyes wide open in case he pounced on her and threw herself into his arms again.

"Come upstairs and have a rest if you are sleepy." Bill had already been lying in bed leisurely.

He wanted to make her off her guard and punish her for saying something she shouldn't have said to him tonight. He couldn't spoil her too much, or she would be even more lawless.

"No way! You just asked me to stay with you, not to sleep together. " Euralia said in disgust, looking at him vigilantly

"I promise I won't touch you. Don't you believe my words?" Seeing her red and swollen eyes, Bill was a little distressed and she still tried her best to open them.

"I won't trust you anymore. Promise me that you won't bother me after tonight." She hummed and ran to the balcony outside the room.

Maybe the wind could make her sober up a little. She wouldn't be so sleepy.

Bill followed her to the balcony and immediately ran back to the room. After a few more times, she finally got impatient and roared at him again.

"Enough, Bill! I hate you being so close to me. If you keep this way, I will really... "

She looked at the things on the table uneasily and finally her eyes fell on a fruit knife. She immediately picked up the fruit knife and pretended to hurt herself.

It was not the first time that Euralia cried or threatened. And Bill was quite used to it. He believed that she dared not hurt herself with a knife, so he didn't care about it.

"Alright, I'll sleep."

He stopped teasing her, walked to the bed and fell down.

It was not until now that she felt relieved. Sitting on the sofa, she gradually closed her tired eyes and fell asleep.

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