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   Chapter 30 A Good Start (Part One)

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"It's your fault. Why did you throw away that thing?" The relationship between Mandy and her has changed. It's not easy to handle when she is acting tough.

"I just threw his stuff away. So what?" She exploded with anger again, but she was targeting at Bill.

However, Mandy thought Euralia was angry with her. Her face changed slightly. If it weren't for the presence of Bill, Mandy would have torn her into pieces.

Shinobi! She must endure everything!

She took a deep breath.

"Who can bear your bad temper like this? After all, your brother is your relative, but he has no responsibility to bear your bad temper."

Mandy said indifferently with no expression on her face.

"Then don't take it." Euralia had been looking at Bill, but he remained silent with no expression on his face.

"I was just trying to persuade you two to get back together. I seem to have talked too much," Mandy's anger began to burn.

It was not until then that Euralia realized that Mandy had misunderstood her.

"Mandy, I'm not scolding you."

"Okay, okay. That's a pity that I didn't get it." Mandy didn't want to listen to her explanation.

Bill finally opened his mouth to interrupt them.

"Euralia, come to my room with me." Then he got up and dragged her to the room.

Seeing him close the door, Mandy couldn't help but be pleased.

"Your brother will teach you a lesson. How dare you say that to me!"

There was dead silence in the room!

There were so many thoughts in their minds that neither of them spoke.

"You need to change your temper." He had taught her a lot. She grew up under his protection, and her capricious and stubborn character was also developed.

If one day he was not with her, such a character would only make her suffer.

Euralia thought that he taught her a lesson for the sake of protecting Mandy when she quarreled with her bosom friend just now. She became even more angry from embarrassment. After all, he couldn't bear to scold her.

"It's none of your business. Do you feel sorry for her?"

She knew better than anyone that he wouldn't fall in love with a girl like Mandy. The tone was full of jealousy, but she didn't realize it.

"That's right. I just feel sorry for her. Your willfulness always hurts the one who cares about you the most! "

He replied with a duplicity. Actually, he had been hurt by her wayward words many times, and these words were actually directed at himself.

As a spoiled woman, she couldn't stand to see others give her cold shoulder. She didn't retort and suddenly quieted down.

If she continued to say, her tears would fall down. With red eyes, she tried hard not to let them fall.

She had to keep her last dignity in front of him!

"Sad?" Bill added, deliberately provoking her.

He could feel the jealousy in her words, but she was unwilling to admit it.

Ignoring the whole thing,

she stood up and walked out of the room.

"You are jealous, but you don't admit it!" He kept challenging her bottom line.

Her anger was like a volcano erupting, which could not be tamed.

"Bill, even if you sleep with her, it has nothing to do with me. Don't always think that I like you so much. I'm not that blind. I will never fall in love with you! "

Her words were like a glacier again, piercing his heart.

Although he knew these words were out of her anger, he still cared.

The door was slammed shut, which temporarily ended their dispute.

In the middle of the night, Euralia tossed and turned. What happened today made her think for a long time.

She even had a strange thought that after her harsh words, was Bill upset? Or angry?

Her thoughts stopped at this moment. She reached out and gently tapped her own little head. She did not allow herself to think of this abominable brother.

Euralia who was in a bad mood got up and went to the balcony to enjoy the night.

The next room was only one wall away from her. A dark figure was holding a key to open the door of Bill's room.

"Bill, I don't believe that I can't handle you tonight." Mandy came to his room in darkness.

Bill was woken up by the sound of opening the door. Although the room was dark, he had already guessed who was coming in.

It was impossible for Euralia to come to him so late after he quarreled with her today. Except her, Mandy was the one who thought too much.

She walked carefully towards his bed. Then she took off the shoulder strap of her nightgown and deliberately lifted one side of her shoulders.

Any man would have the desire. And since they met for the first time, he had hinted all kinds of his good feelings for her.

Now he even moved to her house. If she didn't take the initiative, he would feel that she was cold to him, so she came to visit him secretly tonight.

Euralia once said that she is not fit to be her brother's wife, while she must let Bill determine the relationship between them to vent her anger.

Noticing that she had come in, Bill stood up at the bedside. It was so dark in the room that she didn't know there was anyone on the bed.

When she walked to the bed, Mandy took off her shoes and quietly lay down.

"Mr. Bill, this is Mandy speaking."

Then she reached out for the quilt.

Why was it so cold? Soft?

In a hurry, she directly uncovered the quilt and rolled over, but she used too much strength

She screamed as the room was suddenly bright.

He turned on the light and looked down at Mandy who was lying on the floor.

"Miss Mandy, what brings you here at midnight?" He cast a cold glance at her.

Mandy held the bed and stood up with embarrassment. She sprained her waist when she rolled out of the bed. But she didn't want to make a fool of herself in front of him, so she stood straight at once.

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