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   Chapter 21 Vent His Anger on Them

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As soon as he stopped, the doctor came in. "Mr. Bill, I'm here to give her the injection."

Bill nodded and took a step back.

"No, don't do that..." Looking at the doctor taking out the needle, she was so terrified that she almost wanted to hide herself under the quilt.

"It's Don't worry, miss. Euralia will be fine soon. " The doctor smiled in embarrassment.

The needle was getting into her skin. It didn't hurt that much, but it reminded her of the old days when she was in Bill's arms.

She had been afraid of pain since her childhood. Hence, every time she was given an injection, she was always comforted in a gentle voice by Bill's arms.

But now, he was so strange. He stood in the place that was very close to her, but she felt as if he was far away from her.

Thinking of that, tears ran down her cheeks. After the injection, she could not stop crying.

"Euralia, what's wrong with you?" Feeling sorry for her, Bill stepped forward and tried to hold her hand as usual, but then he took it back with hesitation.

Ignoring him, she was still crying sadly.

He had to turn his anger to the doctor and said coldly, "You can't even do an injection. Have you been taken good care of by our family?"

The innocent doctor was rendered speechless

"Mr. Bill, I I'm sorry... " After apologizing several times, the doctor went out of the ward with a jittery look on his face.

"Euralia, do you still feel pain?"

Standing at the bedside, Bill wanted to touch her forehead, but he reached over and put her on the bedside. His voice was unconsciously trembling.

At this moment, Euralia finally looked up at him and said in a low voice, "I'm fine."

"That's great." Finally, Bill responded to her. Inevitably, he was a little happy, and a smile appeared in his eyes.


"I have something to tell you. Can you ask them to go out?" said Euralia, trying to avoid his too straight eyes

After a short pause, Bill nodded and drove all the servants out of the room.

"How are you? Are you feeling better now?" He asked in a gentle voice, a little bit about how he found her, "do you want to have some fruit? Let me help you peel an apple, okay?"

Then he began to peel with a fruit knife.

Stunned by his behavior, she couldn't utter a word.

"What's wrong? What do you want to tell me?" There was a smile on Bill's face as he attentively peeled the apple skin.

She was so attentive and serious that made Bill's heart skip a beat.

"I, I want to move out." She finally broke the silence.

With a shiver of his hand, the sharp knife cut a wound in his finger, and blood immediately poured out. The smile on his face froze and slowly returned to desolation.

Silence, deathly silent.

At that moment, the stifling atmosphere made her feel very uncomfortable. After being in a daze for two seconds, she came back to her senses and hurriedly sat up in bed, pulled a piece of tissue and handed it to him.

With his head down, Bill seemed to be ignorant. After a while, he pushed her hand away, stood up and said in a calm tone, "you don't need to move. Don't you want to get rid of me? I'll go."

She didn't expect that Bill would say such words. She was stunned for a while and then replied, "No Brother, I just want to be independent as soon as possible. "


"Don't say anything more. You will be free as long as I leave you!"

His chest heaved violently with each word he said, as if he didn't want Euralia to see him in such a embarrassing situation. The next second, he turned around and walked to the door with deep and shallow steps.

"Bill!" She called out.

Bill's back froze, but he didn't stop as he did every time they met. Instead, he quickly disappeared in the deep end of the corridor.

Listening to the loud noise of the door slamming and the start of the car, Euraliai's mind went blank and her whole body fell down on the bed.

As expected, Bill didn't show up in the house in the following days. A doctor went to the hospital for a regular check-up, and Terri took good care of her. However, Euralia still felt a sense of loss.

After several nights of insomnia, she told herself that it was because of the habit.

I have got used to the company and care of Bill. '.

Four days later, her body was finally fully recovered. She spent the whole morning cleaning up the dormitory room of the school and then went back home to pack up her clothes.

"Miss, you Are you really going to move out? " Terri Chen said in a reluctant tone while helping Euralia with her luggage.

"Don't worry, Terri. I'll come back and see you as often as I can," said Euralia with a smile

As she lifted the suitcase and was about to leave, she found that there was something wrong with Terri's expression. It was not just that she was reluctant to leave.

"Terri, what's wrong? Yes What happened? "

"It's said that Mr. Bill hasn't been to the company for seve

ral days. He hides in the hotel and never cries out. I'm afraid that something will happen if he continues to act like this."

With a deep frown on her face, Terri didn't want to tell her the truth, because Bill had specifically told her not to tell her where he lived. But for Mr. Bill's good, she could only ask Euralia to persuade him.

"Help me get the address and room number of the hotel." At the thought of that, she couldn't help frowning, with a hint of worry in her eyes.

Terri nodded and immediately sent someone to find out where Bill was. Within a while, she got the address of Bill.

After successfully getting the room number of the hotel, she went straight to the hotel.

Outside the room of Bill's Hotel, Euralia rose her hand and was about to ring the doorbell, but she froze for a second. She still felt a little unhappy at the thought of what she said to her brother the other day.

Just as she was hesitating, the door in front of her opened. A strong smell of alcohol greeted her. She saw Bill.

"Brother Brother... " She was not prepared for it at all.

Bill raised his head and looked a little bit pale. He looked very dispirited.

"What are you doing here?" Bill opened his mouth. A light smell of wine came from his cold lips. Then he took two unsettled steps toward Euralia, and they were only one foot closer.

"Brother, you shouldn't hide yourself like this. I'm the one who should leave, not you." Said Euralia.

"Don't call me like that." Holding her lovely face in both hands, Bill stared at her with affection. He squinted slightly and his consciousness was a little vague.

The only thing he was sure about was that he really wanted to hold her into his arms, especially at this moment.

By instinct, she pushed his hands away and blushed. The scene of Bill showing off her in the car surfaced in her mind.

"Brother, you are drunk." Realizing that there was something wrong, Euralia turned around in a hurry.

But as soon as she turned around, she heard something fall to the ground.

When she turned her head again, she saw that Bill was already on the ground, keeping calling out her name.

In her eyes, her brother had always been superior, but today he looked so embarrassed. Her heart missed a beat and her nose twitched. She bent over and held him into the room.

It took a lot of strength for Euralia to support his tall body. However, he didn't let her go and held her shoulder tightly. At the moment he fell on the bed, he got on top of her.

"Brother, wake up." Euralia struggled breathlessly, but he was too heavy to move.

"Don't call me brother." Said Bill in a low and gentle voice. His thin lips covered her small mouth.

Her eyes widened and her head swayed back and forth.

"Brother, I'm your sister. You can't do that!" Shouted Euralia before she could leave.

Bill turned over and held her in his arms. His warm breath seemed to rub against her ear.

"From now on, you are not my sister anymore. I want you to be my woman, so that you can stay with me forever." Under the impact of alcohol, Bill became very possessive.

She couldn't help but shiver and fell into endless panic.

"No!" After saying that, he turned around and began to kiss her crazily again.

She pressed him with her right hand and frowned.

"If you keep forcing me, I won't have a brother like you."

Bill had been longing for a hot flame. However, her words didn't stop his crazy act, but gave him a shot in the arm. At the sight of this scene, she couldn't help clenching her fists. Her nails pierced into his flesh as she pushed him away.

But he could not feel any pain.

"Don't do this to me!"

She looked at Bill on top of her with disappointment. Tears trickled down her delicate little face, and finally fell into the palm of Bill who was holding her cheek.


Seeing the helplessness in her eyes and the flustered expression on her face, Bill was shocked. He loved her so much, how could he have the heart to force her?

He froze and couldn't help but bend over and kiss her tears. His eyes slowly closed.


"Get out of the way. I want to go home." She took the opportunity to push him away. Drunk, Bill rolled over to the other side of the bed and passed out.

Hearing his words, Euralia stood up in a hurry to tidy up her disheveled shirt and turned to Bill. He was lying still on the bed in deep sleep.

Her eyes were full of resentment. She had always respected her brother, but he always wanted to belittle her.

"I hate you, Bill!" She shouted at the drunk Bill.

Bill did not respond. There was only heavy breaths in the room. After hesitating for a while, she covered him with a quilt and then left.

On her way to the hotel, she kept thinking about Bill's eyes with strong desire.

She had been traumatized. The thought of living with him made her shudder.

So she made a decision and moved out.

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