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   Chapter 20 He Became So Strange

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The doctor quickly did a general examination for Euralia under the appalling pressure and gave her an infusion. However, he had to brace himself up and answered bravely, "She's all right. She was just overtired and frightened, which made her emotionally unstable. Please let her have a good rest."

Bill nodded with a cold face. After sending the doctor away, he sat back at the bedside and stared at Euralia's pale and bloodless face in a trance.

"Young master, a call from the company asked when you will be available to preside over the meeting." The maid's respectful voice came from outside the door.

Without looking back, Bill said in a cold voice, "Postpone all the events and wait for my notice."

Soon, the assistant of the company called him again, telling him that those shareholders were very dissatisfied with his behavior, and they were all talking behind his back. However, he made a quick decision and muted his phone after a brief telephone conference.

In the quiet room, he touched the woman's forehead with one hand, and the pity in his eyes was so obvious...

It was not until the afternoon of the next day that Euralia slowly opened her eyes in the sunlight.

She was still in a daze. She turned her head and saw the handsome but haggard face of Bill.

He closed his eyes tightly, as if he was in a deep sleep. There was a faint blue around his eyes, and the bright morning light cast on his eyelids, leaving deep or shallow light spots.

Thinking of the scene yesterday, Euralia suddenly came to her senses, with her suppressed anger surging up. Her hand was still held by the man. She lightly twitched, and he woke up.

"Are you awake?" There were still fatigue in his eyes, and his voice was a little hoarse.

Euralia avoided his eyes uneasily and suddenly pulled her hand back, turning her back to him.

Bill sigh

ed and asked, "Are you hungry?"


The sound of footsteps behind her faded away. Biting her lips, Euralia closed her eyes tightly with tears in them.

Not long after that, Bill returned with a tray on his hand and put it on the bedside table, "Euralia, you haven't eaten anything today. You should eat something first."

Pretending not to hear what he said, Euralia just lifted the quilt to cover her head and refused them all.

"Don't do this. It's bad for your health." He said in a calm tone and lifted the quilt again.

Euralia raised her hand stiffly and pushed him away. She closed her eyes and refused to look at him. No matter how he tried to persuade her to stay calm, she was still unmoved.

Terri, who was standing behind, finally couldn't stand it and stepped forward. "Young master, please let me do it."

Bill paused with his eyes closed. He took a step back and said, "Okay."

Terri bent down and whispered in Euralia's ear, "Miss Ou, it's me. You haven't eaten anything the whole day. You'll be sick if you keep being like this."

"All right..."

Finally, Euralia responded with a low voice. Then, she stuck her head out of the quilt and looked at Terri with her misty eyes and said, "I'm hungry."

Standing quietly behind them, Bill didn't say anything, but there was an imperceptible disappointment in his eyes.

She would rather starve than eat the food fed by him...

After having the porridge with the help of Terri, Euralia finally felt that her body had recovered a little. She said, "I want to sleep."

"Go back to sleep later. I just called the doctor. He will give you an injection when he comes." Bill softly said in a low voice.

Euralia covered herself up with the quilt and refused, "I won't have the injection." She was afraid of pain.

"You will get better after taking an injection," Terri added.

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