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   Chapter 19 You Lunatic

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"You are crazy!" She tried her best to struggle in disbelief, kicking the door with her legs.

Bill's eyes became even colder, and he quickly locked the car to avoid all the outside troubles.

"I'd rather enjoy it myself than let you marry another man. What do you think?" He lowered his head and whispered in her ear.

"You freak, madman!" "It's unethical!"

Even she herself felt a shiver down her spine at the thought of it.

The reaction of Bill became more intense. He grabbed her waist and whispered in her ear, "Have you ever treated me as your brother? Huh? "

"I always see you as my elder brother!"

She was both ashamed and scared. This man, who was supposed to be her closest family member, was now so strange to her that made her scared.

"What a pity! Euralia, you are wrong about me." There was always some kind of silent emotion in his low voice, as if it was about to burst out the next second.

She started crying loudly and incoherently.

She waved her hand and yelled at him, "you are insane! Let go of me!"

Though being beaten and cursed by her, the man's breath became heavier because of her movements. The gorgeous and exquisite wedding dress on her was already crumpled by them.

She tried to tidy up her clothes in a hurry, but she was flustered to do that.


Bill lowered his head, his eyes gleaming.

"Don't look at me!" Euralia was so frightened that she spoke incoherently. She cursed him over and over again, and her bright tears filled her small face.

The man turned a deaf ear to her but with a touch of obsession in hi

s eyes.

"You are so beautiful..."

He whispered in her ear and saw the pink flush on her face and the sweat on her forehead. His eyes were obviously possessive.

Clenching her teeth, she put a hand on his shoulder. The sense of shame gradually replaced her reason. Out of the mouth, she said, "it's so bad..."

"Euralia?" Astonished, he looked down at the girl in his arms, but she had no reaction at all.

With a closer look, she was in a complete coma.

Bill was startled and hurried to check on her. Her face was flushed and her eyebrows frowned. He reached out and touched her forehead. It was burning hot.

"Euralia, wake up! You have a fever!"

He patted the girl's face carefully. A hint of panic surged in his eyes, and the desire to disappear without a trace.

Since she was a little child, her poor health would cause a high fever if she was not well.

"Go to the ouhouse. Hurry up!" Bill told the driver to do so and helped Euralia to pack up. He took her as a treasure.

The driver was frightened by the anxious tone of the voice. He answered yes and almost pressed the accelerator at the same time.

Half an hour later.

The car steadily stopped at the door of their residence. Terri rushed out in a hurry and nearly cried out in fright when she saw Bill holding the unconscious Miss Euralia in his arms. "Mr. Bill, what's wrong with miss Euralia?"

"Have a fever." Bill replied concisely, "Just change her clothes. Call the doctor first. "

Terri rushed inside to make a phone call.

The private doctor of the family didn't live far and came soon.

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