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   Chapter 18 Does It Make Sense

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Hearing her words, Bill smiled with coldness in his eyes, "My dear, you are too innocent. Your so-called boyfriend is not a good man at all, otherwise..."

He didn't finish his sentence.


At this moment, Euralia was so angry that she looked like a little beast with a blush on her delicate face. "John is not that sort of person at all! You don't know him at all. You played such a despicable trick to stop me from marrying him!"

"Despicable?" "If I were despicable, I wouldn't have let you get what you want."

His voice became colder and colder, but the anger in Euralia's heart kept increasing violently. "You have never really cared about me. You have always regarded me as a tool for the marriage of your self-interest!"

"What did you say?"

"Isn't that true? You only care about yourself and the interest you live on. For you, I am just a tool which you can make use of."

"You disappoint me so much, Euralia." The expression on Bill's face did not change, but the coldness around him made people want to run away.

However, Euralia seemed to get used to it, and the anger made her speak without careful diction. "I was kidnapped last night, and it was not just a dream at all. You clearly knew it, but you just let it be!"


After all, Bill's facial expression changed slightly because of her words. In her eyes, the strange emotion that flashed across became a guilty conscience.

"I just know that you totally know that man. But you are willing to sacrifice me for your own interests." At thi

s point, Euralia's face darkened, as if she was consumed by the great sense of loss that she was used by her family.

She bit her lips, with tears in her eyes, but she stubbornly refused to let them fall.

"I don't know who told you that, but it's just your imagination." With a glint of anger in his eyes, Bill squinted.

"No, you are such a person. I should have known it earlier!"

At this moment, Euralia was just like a willful little girl, boldly complaining about the things she disliked.

Bill tried his best to be patient and closed his eyes. When he opened his eyes again, there was nothing but calmness in them. However, It seemed that a storm was coming.

"Since you don't want to listen to me, then I have to show you." There was an evil smile on Bill's face.

Having never seen such a look on his face, Euralia was frightened.

She stepped back unconsciously. "What do you want to do?"

Her flinch made the man even angrier. He reached out to hold her in his arms and then picked her up. "Anyway, you have already regarded me as a bad guy, then I can only do something bad."


As she felt his breath became heavier and heavier, Euralia widened her eyes in horror, trembling with fear. "You are my brother!"

Hearing that, Bill frowned and ignored her avoidance, and he forced her into the back seat of the limo. "Brother? You were brought up by me in exchange for interests. What's the meaning of that title?"

He looked down at her, with desire in his eyes, but he could not hide his disappointment.

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