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   Chapter 17 She Was Unwilling

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The priest witnessed the whole process. At this moment, he looked at Euralia with some inexplicable pity.

The girl was obviously...

"Priest, please announce the vows!" Seeing that he was silent, John put on a cold face and urged him again.

The priest sighed and began to announce the wedding vows.

Euralia hesitated when the priest asked whether she agreed to marry John. But when she saw the earnest light in John's eyes, she closed her eyes.


"She doesn't want to!" A deep and powerful male voice interrupted her.

Hearing that, Euralia turned her head in surprise. It was nobody but Bill, who was standing at the door of the church, against the light.

"Bill!" She shouted in disbelief.

Still wearing a black suit, Bill approached her steadily, with his eyes flashing with obscure light.

He stared fixedly at the woman in a wedding dress, and his face was gloomy. "Go with me."

Euralia swallowed and saw a group of policemen behind him. They were armed, so she got panic immediately. "Bill, what are you doing?"

On the other side, John couldn't help but ask, "Mr. Bill, this is the church. Why do you bring so many police here?"

He was not only asking him, but also hiding some inexplicable guilt.

"To arrest you." Bill took a scornful glance at him and uttered between his lips.

At the same time, the police behind him also strode forward and stood in front of John, with an expression of official business, "Mr. Qi, now we have exact evidence to prove that you are involved in an economic crime. Please come with us to the police station to cooperate with the investigation."

John was shocked. "What

kind of economic crime? I don't know!" Then he stared at Bill with resentment, "You set me up! How despicable you are!"

Without looking at him, Bill's cold expression was frightening. He said slowly, "Euralia, go home with me."

Still immersed in the shock, Euralia wasn't ready for such a situation. "Bill, John is not a criminal. He has been with me all the time!"

Hearing that, Bill frowned and turned his head slightly to the policemen. They immediately took out a handcuff and arrested John.

"Sorry, Mr. Qi. If you don't cooperate with the investigation, we can only arrest you by force." Before John could react, he was dragged out by the police.

"Let go of me! I'm not a criminal!"

Being unable to break away, he started to swear. But the police seemed not to hear him. Gritting his teeth, he managed to hit the church pillar head-on.

"John!" Euralia was so frightened that her face turned pale.

Fortunately, he was controlled by the police in time and was not injured, but he was forcefully put into the police car.

With a pale face and an unnatural flush on both sides of her cheeks, Euralia shouted at Bill, "How can you do that!"

"I'm just eliminating harm for the people." A disdainful smile crept up on Bill's face as he replied.

"You almost killed him!" The scene that John hit the pillar was still in her mind, making her so terrified.

"Do you think he really dares to commit suicide?" "He just wants to get your sympathy. You are the only one to be fooled." Bill sneered.

"You have no idea at all. It must be you who deliberately framed him. He won't do anything illegal!" Euralia's voice became more sharp.

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