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   Chapter 15 Is This Really The Wedding She Wanted

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He smiled and said in a softer voice, "Euralia, I don't blame you nor your brother. Please trust me."

"If you trust me, marry me. I need it, right now! If Mr. Bill doesn't agree with you, it doesn't matter. He is your family, so he can't really ignore you and abandon you. So as long as the result is settled, I believe he will definitely compromise. "

He tried to comfort her, but his burning eyes didn't give her a chance to refuse.

Thinking of Bill attitude towards her in the morning, she couldn't help but hesitate.

Her feelings for Bill were complex. Deep in her heart, she didn't want to go against him, and she didn't want him to be angry either.

However, when she was about to persuade John not to be anxious, she heard what Michelle said.

Or by marriage? Or by marriage to John?

After hesitating for a long time, Euralia finally made up her mind and nodded. "Okay, I promise you."

She would rather let Bill blame her than accept the arranged marriage, leaving her to hate him.

"Great! Euralia!" John hugged her happily. "Trust me, you will be happy."

"Hmm," said Euralia. Biting her pale lips, she seemed to be preoccupied.

They didn't stop the taxi until it took a long distance to the hotel. John arranged a room for her and asked her to take a shower. He helped her lie on the bed and said, "Go to sleep. I'm here."

"Okay." To comfort him, Euralia nodded and closed her eyes even though she is not used to sleeping outside.

John avoided her eyes, held her hands and said, "Have a good sleep tonight and prepare for the wedding ceremony tomorrow morning."

After she f

ell asleep, John sent another message to Michelle, "it's done. Make the payment as soon as possible."

Michelle's message came back soon, saying: "with another 500000, you must

A self-satisfied smile appeared on his face. Then he deleted the message.

On the next morning, Euralia was woken up by John. He urged anxiously, "Get up quickly. We have to prepare for our wedding as soon as possible."

She had been terrified the whole day yesterday, and now she was still a little dizzy and uncomfortable. But it seemed that John didn't realize that. He kept urging her to hurry up.

Having no choice, she got up, washed and changed her clothes.

Before long, a woman came in. "Miss Euralia, Mr. John invited me to do your makeup."

She was surprised at his preparation. Before she thought more, she was dragged to make up and put on the wedding dress.

"Where are we going to hold our wedding?" She asked with puzzlement.

John seemed to be absent-minded. He looked out and said, "You'll know when we get there."

"What are you looking at?" asked Euralia

"Nothing." John answered with a smile. Then he looked away and changed the topic, "Euralia, you look gorgeous."

Soon, the car stopped in front of a small church.

After getting out of the car, she looked at the church in surprise and asked, "isn't it the one we booked?"

"The place was under Mr. Bill's control. I have no choice but to find this place for the time being." John said reluctantly, "sorry, Euralia."

"It doesn't matter," said Euralia weakly

The church, the hasty wedding, the blessings from the family, even No guests.

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