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   Chapter 13 Conspiracy

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"Well, could you please get out? I want to go to the toilet." Euralia looked innocently at the two bodyguards who were expressionless.

The bodyguard was in a dilemma. "What..."

"What? Do you still want to look at me?" Said Euralia, pretending to be frightened.

Bodyguard, "..."

Seeing the two bodyguards leaving helplessly, she became energetic at once. She jumped up from the bed and rushed into the bathroom, too. She stood inside for a long time, with her eyes on the window.

The two floors were not too high.

For her freedom, she was not afraid at all. She climbed out of the window and lowered the pipe.

Luckily, the ground was shrubbery. She was not injured when she jumped off. There were only a few plants in the road. She stood up and ran away.

Not long after she escaped, Michelle disappeared into the darkness in a small alley near the hospital

"Miss Michelle, that woman just escaped." A man said to her respectfully.

Michelle nodded with satisfaction and said, "good. Stop those bodyguards for her and don't let them catch her."

The man nodded. And Michelle said, "It would be the best if she never came back to the Bill's family again. Either she marry him successfully, bring her child back home, or... "

She paused. Instead of being gentle, she said ruthlessly, "die outside."

The man replied and then ran out of the alley. He beckoned the other men to follow the direction in which Euralia was running.

Standing in a dark alley, with a pair of gloomy eyes squinting, and a sneer spilling over the corner of her mouth, Michelle said, "Euralia, please don't blame me. If you really want to blame me, then just blame Bill for not paying so much att

ention to you."

After Euralia managed to escape from the hospital, she ran as fast as she could, fearing that the bodyguards would catch up with her.

After she ran a few hundred meters, she found that a person appeared in the empty alley.

The man was only a few meters away from her, and she could not see him clearly in the darkness. After hesitating for a while, Euralia stood still with fear. Before she could decide whether or not to approach him, the man found her and quickly walked over to her.

"Euralia, great! I've finally found you!" The man's voice was full of surprise and he ran towards her.

It was not until the dim light of the street lamp that she realized that this man was her favorite fiancé, John!

"John!" She pounced on him with surprise and almost burst into tears. Then she asked in bewilderment, "Why are you here? !"

John hugged her and said, "You didn't come to the wedding today. I was worried about you, so I stayed outside the house." Frustrated, he said, "Mr. Bill doesn't want me to go in. No matter what I say, he just doesn't want me to see you."

Seeing his expression, Euralia couldn't help but feel sorry for him, and her complaint about Bill deepened.

"It doesn't matter. Now I have escaped!"

She took a deep breath and said, "let's get out of here as soon as possible. We can't let my brother find me!"

John seemed confused, but he didn't ask anything. "Okay, I'll take you away." Then he took Euralia's hand and ran outside.

They ran to a place far away from the hospital and hailed a taxi.

"John, I'm worried that we might be found out..." Thinking of the means and power of Bill, she couldn't help but feel a little worried.

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