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   Chapter 12 Escape Plan

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"No matter how perfect the husband he picked for me, there's no point in not loving him."

Euralia closed her eyes with tears on her long eyelashes. Her eyes were shining in the sunshine.

"Love can be cultivated, but Euralia, you can't live a decent life with a little more than that. You have to try something different, okay?" Michelle was still smiling, and the gentleness on her face was more unreal.

"But..." "I..." she opened her eyes

Euralia still wanted to say something because it was a good chance to complain to her. A hint of impatience flashed through Michelle's eyes.

She smoothed her hair and gave her the last shot with a smile

"I advise you not to try to escape. Now there are bodyguards everywhere. It's impossible for you to escape by yourself." Then she turned around and left.

"How could that be?"

Looking at her back, she couldn't say a word.

At that moment, she was in a trance. What Michelle said shocked her like a thunderbolt. The family affection she had firmly believed for so many years suddenly became unreliable.

Her brother, who she thought could tolerate her unconditionally, was going to give her away by marriage.

So, he was so nice to her because it was profitable?

Staring ahead blankly, Euralia suddenly remembered what Bill had said to her this morning. "You have no interests at all. Who will marry you?"

So, the whole afternoon, she was muddleheaded, and she just couldn't figure out how to escape.

She couldn't accept this marriage in any case.

In that case, he had no choice but to escape?

At dusk, Euralia squatted by the window and watched him drive away. She finally made up her mind to carry out her plan.

She ran to

the bathroom and washed herself up for a long time. She used all kinds of ways to make herself look pale and make a big noise deliberately.

Sure enough, the maid heard the noise and ran into the room. She was shocked to see Mrs. Euralia's pale face.

"Miss, what's wrong?" Terri asked anxiously

"Terri, I feel so bad." It seemed that Euralia was on the verge of death. With a vacant look, she said, "I want to vomit. I'm going to die..."

Terrifying by her words, Terri yelled, "Miss, don't scare me. Go to get the doctor!"

Thinking that it was not a good idea, Euralia raised her voice with high degree of acting, "Terri, I can't stand it anymore. Can you send me to the hospital?"

Terri had no time to care about what Bill said as she heard this from Euralia. She said in a hurry, "Okay, okay. Come here and send Miss to the hospital now!"

Seeing that her plan worked, Euralia breathed a sigh of relief.

Then she refused Terri's offer as she had expected, "well I'll be escorted there by bodyguards. Terri, you stay at home to keep an eye on the house. As long as my brother comes back, you can give him an explanation. "

Terri thought for a while and agreed with her, so she didn't insist and worriedly watched Euralia being sent to the hospital.

The car was speeding along the road.

When they arrived at the hospital, the doctor gave an emergency treatment to Euralia at once when he saw the scene. With oxygen inhaler and chest compression, she did look like an incurable disease.

After a long time of tiredness, Euralia finally went to bed in the hospital.

Seeing two bodyguards standing at the door and two bodyguards standing in front of her own bed, Euralia was speechless.

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