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   Chapter 11 Reward

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A hint of resentment flashed in her eyes, and she continued, "I know you are suspicious about the kidnapping. Do you need me to tell you? Where are the houses? Besides, Mr. Bill has always been fond of you. He wouldn't have doubted and ignored your investigation hadn't he known that you would not be in danger. "

Her words just hit the nail on her head. Euralia could do nothing to defend her.

Euralia wanted to explain, but she managed to say, "brother won't do that."

These few words were powerless in front of Michelle's reasonable words.

"If someone can do such a thing in front of Mr. Bill, there is only one possibility: he has instructed him."

"What's more, no matter what you say, he would rather take it as a nightmare for you than an investigation. It is not his character, is it?"

Michelle's tone was still soft, but her words were like a knife, piercing through Euralia's trust in Bill.

She kept shaking her head, feeling her words like a thunder exploding in her head, and her mind was in turmoil.

"No, it's impossible! Don't say it any more! It's impossible! "

The next second, Michelle threw her a bigger bomb. "Mr. Bill is negotiating with a large family recently. One of the conditions that the other party has promised to cooperate is the alliance."

She observed carefully, trying to make sure that she got it, and said, "You should know that marriage is good for both sides. Why not? "

Unable to retort, she added, "but Why is Bill still so nice to me? "

"Euralia, Mr. Bill cares about you very much. There is no doubt about

that. But you should also understand that sometimes when people are in the business world, many things are helpless. Big families have so many things that they can't decide by themselves. "

Michelle continued, "Even siblings hurt each other, not to mention Mr. Bill who has no relationship with you, he is kind enough to you. Don't hate him."

Her words finally made Euralia cry. But she shook her head and said, "I don't hate him. I know he is good to me. For all these years, my brother has never treated me badly."

Michelle nodded with a sense of relief. She said, "so, don't you want to pay him back? You can't always enjoy other people's kindness to you in peace while know nothing about being grateful, can't you? "

"Yes, I want to pay back my brother."

Tears streamed down her cheeks as she asked, "but why in this way?"

Michelle pretended to be worried about her, held her hand and consoled, "Mr. Bill was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He doesn't need anything, so you can't give him anything."

This was a naked truth. Hearing it, she couldn't help but turn pale.

Michelle was right. Bill was too perfect and impeccable, so she had no idea what reward she could give him.

"Think about it from another angle. In fact, a marriage is not that bad, isn't it? We can not only help Mr. Bill consolidate his career, but also let you repay his kindness for so many years. "

Michelle smiled at her and said, "Moreover, Mr. Bill is an arrogant man and the husband he have chosen for you must be outstanding and successful. You won't be wronged."

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