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   Chapter 9 Piss Him Off

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Bill put his hand on her quilt. After a pause, he said, "Euralia, you disappoint me."

Hearing that, Euralia finally couldn't help but lift the quilt. Her lips curved downward and eyes reddened. She said, "you also disappoint me!"

He glanced at her lightly and didn't respond. He took the medicine bowl from the table beside and said, "drink it first."

"I won't drink it!" She turned her back to him and said, "I told you just now that if you didn't let me go, I would go on a hunger strike. I'm not kidding!"

Mr. Bill, who had always been superior, had never been bullied like this outside?

However, Bill didn't seem to take her words seriously. He still said indifferently, "drink the medicine before going on a hunger strike."

"How could that be?"

"Bill!" She sprang up from the bed, pointed to Bill, and said angrily, "how can you believe that I'm not joking?"

Bill turned a blind eye to her anger, and was not angry at her calling out his full name.

"I know you are not joking. You have said that."

"Then why did you let me take the medicine?"

"Why didn't you take the medicine? Where did you get the energy to escape?"


At this moment, Euralia was speechless with rage, "I'm not tired! Besides, I'm not sick at all, and it wasn't a nightmare last night. Why don't you believe me? "

Bill's eyes darkened as he said coldly, "Euralia, it's enough. I have been very tolerant of you."

Hearing Bill's cold voice, Euralia suddenly became weak and limp. "Brother, I beg you. Please let me out. At least, you can ask me to contact John. "

She pulled his sleeve and pleaded in a soft voice.

Bill closed his eyes for a while. It seemed that he was really holding back his anger.

"Take the medicine first. We'll talk about it later." He go

t a spoon of medicine and handed it to her mouth.

"I won't drink it!"

It was not enough for Euralia to avoid him. She reached out her arm to stop his hand. However, she was so agitated that she knocked down the bowl from his hand.

With a crisp cracking sound, the light brown liquid medicine was poured out and fell on the floor, the quilt, and Bill's clothes.

The strong smell of the drug stimulated her nostril and made her sick.

"I..." She hesitated for a long time and still did not have the nerve to apologize.

He stood up suddenly with a gloomy and terrible expression.

Instinctively, Euralia closed her eyes. At that moment, she almost thought that he would hit her.

But finally, Bill turned around and walked outside. His voice was as cold as ice: "clean the room."

The servant answered with a quivering voice, "Okay, the medicine for the lady..."

"It's okay if she doesn't drink it." Bill replied in a cold voice Then he strode away.

She put her hand on her forehead in frustration. She didn't mean to irritate him, but to hope that he could respect her will. It seemed that she failed again.

She watched the servant busily cleaning the room and changed the dirty sheet. She was so depressed that she wanted to cry.

"My lady, it took nearly three hours to decoct this medicine. Mr. Bill said that western medicine had some side effects so he asked us to bring you the Chinese medicine early in the morning." The servant sighed with pity.

Lowering her head, she had mixed feelings.

When she was downcast and had nothing to do, there was a sudden knock on the door. "Euralia, are you okay?"

Raising her head, she saw a tall and thin woman coming in.

"Michelle, you're here!" She jumped off the bed and cried out in surprise.

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