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   Chapter 7 Let Me Out

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"I have raised you for 12 years. How could you yell at me here?" His voice was cold.

The light in her eyes dimmed and she was a little regretful.

However, she gritted her teeth and said, "you are the person I respect most, but you can't limit my freedom to love a person!"

"Are you sure you want to talk about your freedom with me? "Her words disappointed and infuriated Bill.

"I have never agreed to this marriage." He looked at her, his eyes filled with disappointment. "If you hadn't gone on a hunger strike, John would have gone in your life."

Euralia opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but she failed.

She clearly felt that fear was floating in her heart.

But, how could she be afraid of her dearest brother?

"Euralia, don't be insatiable." "I can spoil you unconditionally, but that doesn't mean I have no bottom line."

His tone was so cold that she didn't even dare to look at him. She just bit her lips and said, "John is a good man."

"A good man? Euralia, you are too naive. There is no good person in the world. If there is no interest accompanying, why would he marry you? "

It was the second person in the day who said that she was too naive. On the other hand, Euralia was very indignant. She disagreed with him and only thought that he was too extreme.

"But you promised me that you would let me marry John." She explained in a low voice, feeling wronged.

"Yes, I did, as long as he loves you enough and you can marry him."

Her eyes lit up and said, "John loves me with all his heart and I

'm doing great now!"


Bill lowered his head and looked into her eyes, "if he really loves you, even at such a short time, his love for you will not be hurt, right?"

"How could that be?"

She felt like she was trapped by Bill.

"Or, are you not confident about yourself and not sure of your love for him?" Bill's eyes looked rather cold as if they were deep water.

Euralia was provoked by his attitude. How could he talk to her like that only during a negotiation?

"No way! No one can separate us! "

The masked man's question came to her mind again. She became more determined, "I must marry John. No one can stop me!"

"Okay." "Then just wait and see!" said Bill in a deep voice

After saying that, he walked out with a gloomy face.

Looking at his back, Euralia felt a little flustered and aggrieved. Her eyes reddened and she called, "brother!" This time, however, he did not turn around.

After going out of the room, he told the servant, "take good care of miss. Euralia. Don't let her out without my permission."

"Brother, you can't do this to me!"

"You are under house arrest!" However, what responded her was only the sound of door closing.

Not long after Bill left, Terri Chen came in with chicken soup.

The room was filled with a strong smell of perfume. Terri Chen stood by the bed and persuaded her softly for a long time, but she was still hiding herself in the quilt, not saying a word, After Terri Chen closed the door and left, Euralia finally got out of bed.

She was totally awake now.

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