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   Chapter 6 I Will Not Always Spoil You

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"Have you finished?"

He expertly took off the transfusion bottle, pulled out the needle for her, pressed the wound and said, "Okay, go to sleep a little longer, and I'll wake you up for lunch." During that time, Euralia didn't feel any pain.

When she was a child, she was often ill. Occasionally, Bill would take care of such a trifle like her in person.

However, today, looking at the family she was most familiar with, she suddenly felt a sense of strangeness.

He seemed to be different.

She controlled her impulse and looked at the back of the man who was going to leave for her with Bill covering the corner of her quilt. She grabbed his hand and said, "Bill..."

"What?" Bill held her hand.

"It's my wedding today..." said Euralia with a slight blush

"You are not feeling well. Don't think of it for the time being." said Bill with a cold face

"But..." She pouted and muttered, "I feel much better now."

"……" He licked his lips and frowned.

Looking at his calm face, she said in a low voice, "brother, I really want to marry him."

"Why are you in such a hurry?" "You are not willing to wait for such a short time?"

"I..." said Euralia

"You are too weak to walk, let alone attend the wedding." The voice of Bill was rather decisive.

Euralia shook her head, "I mean it..."

Before she finished her words, Bill interrupted her unhappily, "you don't even listen to me now?"

"No, but..."

"All right. That's it. We will delay the wedding and decide the date."

Bill's tone became colder and colder. Of course, the woman who had always

known him well noticed his displeasure. But what happened last night was still disturbing her. She was more afraid of the more complicated problem than taking care of Bill.


She shouted, "the man yesterday threatened me that I would not attend the wedding in any case. How could I do as he wishes?"

"Is this the reason why you are in such a hurry to marry John?" said Bill in a low voice, with a flash of mockery in his eyes.

There was a flash of disdain in his eyes when speaking of John.

The piercing gaze made her even more emotional. "I know you don't like John, but he is the only man I have ever loved in my life. I really want to marry him!"

Bill sneered, "That's enough. I'm not interested in listening to your affectionate confession."

After saying that, he continued, "you'd better be obedient. Otherwise, I will not always spoil you! "

He had never said anything harsh to her.

This time, his tone sounded like he didn't allow anybody to argue with him, which made Euralia a little shocked. "Brother, how can you do that?"

A feeling of grievance spread over her again. "I thought you were the one who understood me best in the world. You promised me that you would dress me up to marry the man I love!"

After taking a deep breath, Bill replied, "you are too young to know what you really want."

She pouted her mouth and raised her voice, "I am not the little girl who knows nothing any more! Why do you always think that I will never grow up? "

Her rebellious attitude disappointed Bill. For the first time, he gave her a cold look.

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