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   Chapter 2 Don't Believe It

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Swallowing her fear, Euralia decided it was better to act brave rather than accept defeat. "Listen here. I don't know how you dragged me to here, but I'm sure that brother must be looking for me now. Are you sure you want to go against him?"

The man still had his grip on her wrist, but it loosened the slightest bit.

Thinking that he was afraid, Euralia suddenly became more confident. "Let go of me now, and this will all be over. Otherwise, my brother will surely have you killed."

As she spoke of her brother, Bill Ou, her eyes sparkled with pride.

With a meaningful smile, the man chuckled softly. "It sounds that he is really something," he said, letting go of her wrist.

Erualia raised her chin, feeling certain of herself now. "Of course he is!"

There was an arrogance in her face and tone when she talked about Bill Ou. However, she made sure to keep her guard up, and her eyes were still full of tears.

"Hmm... then why hasn't he come to save you yet?" the man asked.

"I..." Euralia stammered, "He must be on his way here. I'm sure he'll be here soon!" Euralia still pretended to be tough with her words, but in fact, there was already some doubt in her heart. There was no reassurance as to what would happen next, and the willpower she had earlier weakened before she knew it.

"Oh, is that so?" The man's low laughter rang in her ears. "Then, we shall wait and see."

With one swift movement, he pushed her back onto the bed and restrained her with his body. "For the meantime, you have to do what I ask you to do. Otherwise, you might no longer be the same person you were once your brother comes to save you."

"What do you mean?" she nervously asked, her heart clenching in her chest.

"Do you really not understand?" The man put his head close to her ear, his breath grazing her skin. "You'll figure it out soon enough."

Euralia felt a shiver run down her spine at the man's whispered threat.

"You... You said you wouldn't hurt

me!" Euralia shouted. New, fearful tears filled her eyes.

The man chuckled again. "Didn't your precious brother teach you that you should never believe a man's words? Especially when in bed."

He smiled, "Not to mention, I'm a very bad person.."

All of a sudden, Euralia trembled like an electric shock had jolted through her. "Don't touch me! Get away..." she pleaded, trying to get out of his grasp.

"Did I seem like such a good guy for you to think that I wouldn't do anything to you?"

the man said mockingly, his voice suddenly as cold as ice. "Tell me you're willing to cancel the wedding. Otherwise... " He stared at her sharply, and his tone was full of undeniable authority.

Biting her lip, Euralia didn't answer. With a sneer, the man reached down and pulled back the blanket on top of her.


Euralia screamed out. Thinking out of instinct, a newfound strength surged through her body and she was able to free her hand. With her nails bared, she scratched him right on his neck.

The man didn't dodge nor did he flinch. There were now scars across his collarbone.

"Stop this! I've told you before to stop threatening me like this! John and I love each other. We will never sacrifice what we have for the sake of an evil person like you!" Euralia spat out.

His eyes darkened and his body tensed, creating a fearful aura around him that could freeze anything in his sight.

"Truly in love?" He sneered, "So, you'd rather go through hell than leave that man?"

His words were so painful for Euralia. 'Was there really no other way?'

She tried to turn over and struggled, trying to push the man away. But he was much too strong, and her efforts were futile.

He lifted her head with a sneer, looking at her tearful little face. "It seems that you've really been well protected all these years. You don't even have the ability to properly react to danger."

Before Euralia could say anything more, the man leaned down and kissed her.

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