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   Chapter 678 Token

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Elvis shrugged and said innocently, "Did I say it? Please don't misunderstand me!"


"All right, all right. Stop arguing!"

Noticing that the two of them didn't seem to get along well with each other, Wanda quickly said to ease the atmosphere, and then looked at Olivia, "Since you are going to have an interview, you'd better hurry up! Go and come back early!"

"Then I'll drive you back to the hotel first!"

"You can go now! As long as I'm here, I'll send my godmother back!"

"Yes, yes." Wanda was afraid that the two of them would fight again, so she stopped them before Olivia opened her mouth and said, "Hurry up! I'm fine now and I can go back by myself. Besides, I still have Elvis! Don't worry!"

Was he so trustworthy?

Although she thought so, she didn't say it out. In fact, she had no grudge against Elvis, except that he had taken over her mother for no reason.

Although she was still a little worried, her mother said so, and she really didn't want to miss the interview, so she nodded and said, "Okay! Mom, please stay here for a while. I'll pick you up here if I'm fast enough!"

"Okay, I know. You can go now." With a smile, Wanda straightened her collar and waved at her.

Olivia enjoyed the feeling of being coaxed like a child by her mother, but she didn't expect that the moment she stepped out.

This was the last time!

For the last time, her mother helped her tidy up her clothes; for the last time, her mother nagged her; for the last time, when she heard her mother's voice and saw her smile...

Elvis sat with Wanda for about two hours, but Olivia still didn't come back, so the two decided to leave.

Wanda remembered that she had promised her daughter to cook for her, so she asked Elvis to send her to the vegetable market.

Elvis was very enthusiastic from beginning to end. He not only sent her to the vegetable market, but also wore sunglasses to accompany her to buy vegetables. The two of them returned with full load on their hands.

As the vegetable market was in a

he doctor next to them signaled them to keep silent and not to hinder the rescue, but Wanda stubbornly used her last strength to hold Elvis's hand tightly.

"Elvis... Elvis..."

"I'm here, godmother. Listen to the doctor. Don't say anything. You'll be fine. You still have to go home after you recover. Didn't you buy vegetables? Olivia is waiting for you to cook for her! "

Hearing her daughter's name, Wanda felt sad and suddenly burst into tears. She shook her head, opened her mouth with difficulty, and said again, "Elvis, you, you have always called me godmother. I believe that you are a good child... Promise me, promise me one thing, promise me... "

"Okay, go ahead! No matter what, I promise you!"

"Olivia, I'm most worried about her... And... And a token... Token... "

She took a deep breath, but she still couldn't finish her words. Sometimes only she knew her own situation, but she was most worried about her daughter!

She had thought that she could wait until Alex came back. If her daughter was still determined to be with him, she would not be relieved until she heard his promise and then gave her daughter to him personally.

And the secret that had been hidden for more than twenty years. Maybe it would be much easier for Olivia married into the Chu Family if the truth was revealed. But now... There was no chance now.

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