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   Chapter 677 Only The Dead Will Not Speak!

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Who is she?

There were so many men in the Southern City who pursued her. How could no man be willing to marry her?

Henry continued to sneer. He wouldn't listen to her.

Shelly didn't deny that this man was able to bring more feelings to her than the men she had known before, and indeed could bring incomparable satisfaction to her body. But in her heart, she despised him very much, despised him for announcing his love for her as always.

What was love? She didn't care!

This man was just a nobody. He said he loved her? She sniffed. He only took a fancy to her family background and money.

In her eyes, he was nothing after leaving the bed.

What she enjoyed was his endless obedience to her and satisfaction in bed, just like a puppy. Therefore, once there was something wrong, she would think of this person first.

Since it was not that easy to get rid of him, she might as well make good use of him.

In the eyes of outsiders, she was a real lady from a famous family, noble and elegant. To be honest, she enjoyed such a private life, which was totally different.

But she had to get married, not only to get married, but also to the best man!

Alex not only met all her requirements, but also attracted her.

The man she liked must be conquered!

Thinking of this, Shelly couldn't help but fantasize that the man on her now was Alex, would he be stronger than him? Would he bring her more happiness? Is it...

She screamed excitedly as she imagined.

Yes! Alex would be hers one day!

However, if she wanted to achieve what she wanted, the biggest problem now was the woman named Olivia. Alex loved her...

Most importantly, Olivia's mother happened to see what happened just now!

What should she do?

In this world, no mother would not protect her child.

What if that woman knew that she was a threat to her daughter's happiness in the future and told others what she had seen today?

At that time, once her behavior was known by the Chu Family, she would not only never be able to enter the Chu Family, but also ruin her

uld be seen that Elvis often visited her mother than her.

At the same time, she was a little moved while feeing shame.

If it were Alex, could he please her mother so much?

Olivia sat quietly next to them until her phone rang in her bag... She took it out and found it was an unknown number.

After a while, it turned out that a company informed her to go for an interview!

She didn't want to miss such an opportunity, but it was a little sudden. After hanging up the phone, she could only say to her mother apologetically, "Mom, I'm afraid I can't accompany you today. Just now, a company called me to have an interview. It's about to go..."

Wanda was stunned, "Why are you in such a hurry?"

"Mom, this is a design company. It suits my major very well. I don't want to miss it," she added.

Hearing her words, Elvis sighed, "I can't believe it! It turned out that you're not too stupid. You are not bad at finding a new job so soon?"

In fact, she could continue to work as an agent after he quit the entertainment circle. But he also knew that it must be Alex who wanted her to resign.

He didn't know what this woman was thinking. A word spoken by Alex was an imperial edict. But she had always regarded him as a poisonous snake or beast. No matter how bad he was, he really didn't want to hurt her!

Olivia squinted at him and asked, "Who is stupid?"

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