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   Chapter 675 When He Comes Back, Take Me To See His Family

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"Stop! Young people nowadays have to live together after they fall in love. I don't care about it anymore. Anyway, he is the man you choose. It's useless for me to say too much. But you haven't got married, and you are not a couple. Why do you take your mother to his place now?"

Olivia frowned. In fact, she had already known that her mother would not go.

She couldn't imagine how her mother would react if she knew that she and Alex were going to have a baby?

So she hesitated and didn't know how to say it.

But he said that he would take the responsibility, and she would listen to him!

Knowing that her mother was worried about Alex, Olivia thought for a while and said, "Mom, don't worry. He said that he would take me back to see his family after he came back from his business trip."

Hearing this, Wanda was a little surprised.

"Did he really say that?"


Olivia nodded slightly with a faint blush on her face. Thinking of what Alex had said to her before he left, she still felt as if she was in a dream.

He said that he would take her back to see his mother after he came back!

She was surprised at that time, but he held her hand tightly and said that he would handle everything.

Besides, he knew that if he didn't set her mother's mind at rest, she wouldn't let him take care of her daughter.

She didn't know if this was some kind of proposal, but at that moment, she admitted that she felt extremely sweet, unprecedented!

"Can he guarantee that his family will agree with you?" Wanda hesitated.

"He said that he just wanted me to be happy and leave everything to him." After all, she still tried to put in a good word for Alex subconsciously, hoping to minimize her mother's dissatisfaction with him.

But how could she hide her little thoughts from Wanda?

Wanda sighed and said sincerely, "Well, Olivia! It's not that I don't want you to be together, but his family... Forget it. You are such a stubborn girl. You know how to protect him before long. I have to wait for him to come back to see if wh

. So even if he deliberately chose to meet her in the hotel, knowing that he had bad intentions, she had to agree.

But she didn't forget her main purpose.

The man still didn't answer. Instead, he slowly took a sip of the wine, showing his strong dissatisfaction with her with his actions.

Shelly took a deep breath and had no choice but to come over and sit down in front of him. Then she put on a charming expression and said slowly, "Darling, don't be angry! I apologize to you, okay?" As she spoke, she picked up the glass and drank it up.

As expected, the man's expression softened a lot. She quickly took the opportunity to say, "Well, don't be angry. This matter is really important. Is there any progress in the specific matter of the woman I asked you to investigate?"

Obviously, the man couldn't stand her soft voice. As expected, he quickly handed a pile of things to her. "There is everything you want in it..."

Shelly was delighted. Although she didn't have time to read it carefully, it could be imagined that the information in it must be huge and of great use to her.

"Thank you! Enjoy yourself. I'm leaving now." As she spoke, she stood up. Obviously, she didn't want to stay any longer.

However, just as she opened the door, the man suddenly followed her from behind and grabbed her hand. "Are you leaving now? Darling, aren't you too cruel?"

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