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   Chapter 674 Enemies Are Destined To Meet

Timeless Adoration By Chang Du Characters: 6992

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The two of them just hugged each other for a long time. When one day, the lost time was forgotten, Olivia felt that the best thing she had done in her life was to meet such an indomitable man in her best time.

He could hold up the whole world for her!

It was almost time for Alex to go to the airport. The two of them were reluctant to part.

Olivia thought it was just an ordinary separation. He would come back in a few days, and then they would have a happy life together.

However, it was hard to predict what would happen next...

She even regretted later. If she didn't insist at the moment and if she really followed him without turning back, would all the tragedies afterwards not happen?


But there was no if in this world!

The second day, Olivia went home to pick up her mother and went to the hospital.

In order not to make the man who was on a business trip worry about her, she obediently accepted all his arrangements.

Including asking the driver to pick them up, and asking the secretary to go to the hospital with them.

The result of the reexamination was very satisfactory.

The doctor said that Wanda was all right now and she should take good care of herself in the future. If she was all right, she didn't have to come to the hospital again. Hearing this, Olivia finally felt relieved.

Her mother was getting better and better, and the people she loved were also getting better and better. Nothing in the world was better than this.

When Olivia came out of the hospital, it was getting late, so she suggested that the secretary and the driver have lunch together. Therefore, the four of them appeared in the restaurant together.

Wanda looked at the other two with a complicated expression.

Needless to say, she knew that these were all arranged by Alex. Otherwise, who else could have such a big pomp, with a driver full-time pick up, and there were people following her to the hospital.

Although it could be said that Alex attached great importance to Olivia.

When Alex was young, Wanda had met him before. She knew that h

nadvertently glanced at Olivia.

From the first time she saw Olivia, to be honest, she couldn't tell what's good about this woman.

Her long hair was tied into a ponytail without any makeup on her face.

He had seen all kinds of women for a man like Alex. Why did he only have a crush on such an ordinary woman?

Yes, in the eyes of Shelly, Olivia had always been an ordinary person. She was not tall. Although she had good figure, she was absolutely not hot at all.

Her features were delicate, and there was nothing special about her eyes, nose and mouth, but it was appropriately combined on the small palm sized face.

She was pretty, but not a first-class beauty. The only advantage was that her skin was extremely white and very smooth.

But how could she win over Alex just by this?

Looking at the situation in front of her, Olivia had already asked his secretary and driver to have dinner with them.

Shelly clenched her fists. No, she couldn't sit still and wait for death!

After lunch, the secretary went back to the company, and the driver sent Wanda and Olivia to the hotel. Because it was Wanda's strong request.

Following her mother, Olivia kept persuading her, "Mother, why do you have to stay in a hotel? Isn't it inconvenient to go home? Well, he said... "

"What did he say to make you listen to him wholeheartedly?" Wanda said without looking back.

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