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   Chapter 673 I Know How To Spend Money. I Won't Let You Down

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 6379

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He looked pitiful and terrified, which amused Olivia and made her laugh.

Then he said seriously, "Can she not be fierce? My mother is so fierce. She told me that if she beat you with thick stick, I'm afraid it won't be enough for her to vent her hatred!"

"Nonsense! I've seen your mother before. She's such a gentle woman. It's unfilial for you to slander her like this!"

"Humph! You deserve it anyway!"

"No! You can't leave me alone. When I'm not here these days, you have to persuade her. How good I am to you! How obedient I am! You asked me to do whatever you want, but I didn't dare not to do it, did I? If you don't help me, I'll be dead for sure... "

"No! I have to teach you a lesson. Remember, I have a backer in the future!"

"Cruel woman!"

He gave her a ferocious stare. Although what the two people said was no different from a joke. To be honest, Alex was really uncertain about this.

If Wanda beat him up angrily, it would be easier. He was afraid that she would object to her daughter being with him or look at him with disdain.

Then he would be ashamed of himself in front of his mother-in-law forever.

This was the worst thing he had ever done in his life!

However, since he had done it, he had to take responsibility. He didn't regret it!

He didn't mean to insult her, or he could only say that... He loved her so much that he couldn't find the right way to express his feelings!

As a result, she had been hurt by that kind of stupid thing. Since the beginning could not be changed, he could only change the end.

He would pay it back with his whole life and prove that he really loved her!

He believed that they would see his sincerity one day.

"So, I'd better not go on a business trip with you. Otherwise, I really feel unfilial. I always let my mother worry about me. I don't want to delay her treatment. If she knows that you took me away, she m

o our house. Of course, it depends on her own decision! But you need to use the card I gave you, eat, live, play, and it doesn't matter how much you spend. I can pay you back... "

Olivia's lips moved as if to say something.

However, before she could say anything, he continued, "Don't refuse! Don't tell me that you are rich. You just worked for a few days. And I know your mother's condition. Anyway, don't treat me as an outsider and don't be polite to me. Anyway, you have to remember that I'm yours. I'm happy that you spend my money. Do you understand?"

Olivia was speechless. She wanted to say something but forgot it. She held his neck tightly, and her throat was a little stuffy. She smiled and said, "I see. Didn't you say that you would spend all your money for me anyway? What's the point if I don't spend your money that you work so hard? Take it easy. I know how to spend money. I won't let you down!"

He finally smiled with relief and held her more tightly. She sat on his lap and leaned against his chest. Suddenly, she felt that her heart was almost overflowing with happiness.


She wondered how could there be such a man in the world? Just a few words warmed her whole world.

He was her faith that would never change in her life!

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