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   Chapter 671 Pack Up All The Happiness In The World

Timeless Adoration By Chang Du Characters: 6442

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Life seemed to be back to the past. As expected, due to Elvis's quit, Olivia lost her job.

In the next few days, she stayed at home to surf the Internet and send applications.

Although Alex had told her more than once that he could give her whatever she wanted. But what exactly did she want?

Anyway, she was sure that what she wanted was not a peaceful and rich life with nothing to do.

Even if a man could give her more, she still felt that it was not as good as the low salary she earned by her own work.

In the end, she could only give herself some satisfaction!

One day, after Alex went to work in the morning, Olivia also got up. She spent another morning in front of the computer. She didn't go downstairs until she was hungry and was ready to go to the kitchen to prepare some food for herself.

But as soon as she entered the kitchen, her phone rang.

She ran back to the table and held the phone in her hand. Alex's name appeared on the screen.

She pursed her lips and smiled. In fact, she had planned to call him just now. When she was thinking of him, he just thought of her so coincidentally.

She quickly answered the phone, "Hello..."

"What are you doing?" His voice was soft, like a wisp of wind in this summer. She felt very comfortable when she heard it.

It was because the call came at the right time that she felt his voice was better than usual.

"I'm just about to cook." She spoke softly as if she was infected by him.

It was just a phone call. Listening to each other's voice, they also had a sweet feeling.

"Stop it. I'll ask the driver to pick you up."

She was stunned and asked, "Pick me up? Why do you pick me up? "

"I miss you..."

"What are you thinking about? You're not serious at work. I won't talk to you anymore. "

"Come here! If you don't come… I cannot do anything. "

"Don't say those sweet words. If I go there, you can't do it any more...

when she saw his guilty look, it seemed that he wanted to give her all the happiness of the world. She thought it was the right time to make a request.

"Really? Will you listen to me whatever I say in the future? "

"I've already listened to you, haven't I? You asked me not to touch you for a week. I'm going to explode, but... " There was a hint of sadness in his tone unconsciously.

Especially when she was sitting on his lap, leaning in his arms, and fiddling with the buttons on his shirt from time to time, he suddenly remembered the unfair treatment he had suffered.

As soon as the man mentioned this, Olivia stopped him in a hurry. "Don't think too much. Let's eat first!"

Alex sulkily opened the lunch box that his secretary brought in just now, thinking that his status was getting worse and worse, and his future was really dim!

Olivia wanted to get off his legs, but he held her waist tightly. He fed her while eating. Olivia ate a lot, not knowing if it would be particularly delicious when eating in such a disgusting way.

But after dinner, Alex didn't want her to get up at all.

She was confused and asked, "What on earth did you ask me to do here? We have had dinner. You can do what you should do. I'll go back first. Come back early tonight. "

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