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   Chapter 642 The Baby Is Gone

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It was a call from the psychiatric hospital, saying that Lillian was attacked by several patients and then beaten.

Because she was pregnant, she was hit to have a miscarriage. The situation was very critical, so they asked Baron to go to the hospital as soon as possible.

Baron and Gina should know what happened to normal people in the psychiatric hospital.

What they didn't expect was that things happened so fast.

Lillian's pregnancy was told by Gina, and he also told Mr. Conrad. Bur Mr. Conrad closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep as soon as Baron mentioned Lillian.

Gina told him not to worry, but every night when he woke up, he heard Gina crying beside him, which made Baron even more anxious.

Now there was really something wrong, and the baby was gone.

The baby's father was Colby. When Baron heard that Lillian was pregnant, he wanted to ask the doctor to abort the baby.

Later, Gina persuaded him, saying that Lillian's baby was also his grandson.

Baron loved Gina very much so he listened to what she said!

After hanging up the phone, Baron called Gina again and rushed to the hospital.

Because of her pregnancy, Lillian was locked up alone. She seldom met those patients. But her special treatment made others curious. Once when she was basking in the sun in the hospital, she had a conflict with a patient.

Lillian was extreme and believed that what belonged to her must be hers.

That patient had depression and manic. She had been silent all the time. If she made a big fuss, she would commit suicide.

Lillian thought she was easy to be bullied, so she had a quarrel with her.

She didn't expect that this patient was depressed and irritable at the same time. After Lillian irritated her, she directly beat Lillian to death.

Seeing that they were fighting, others also thought it was fun, so they rushed over to hit Lillian.

When the medical staff saw that the situation was out of control, they didn't dare to stop them by themselves and went out to call others for help.

When others arrived, the baby in Lillian's belly was also aborted, and there was blood flowing under her body.

"Doctor, ho

t that she wanted to make use of the child to make Mr. Conrad compromise and save Lillian.

Now that the baby was gone, she breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, her daughter didn't have to walk her old way.

After she gave birth to the baby, she still didn't meet a man who loved her very much. That would be even worse.

No one had the luck to meet a man like Baron who loved her very much.

Without the baby, Lillian could find another man and hide the miscarriage after she went out of that place.

"Okay." Baron answered absent mindedly.

His eyes were still fixed on Lillian.

'Andy looks like Jade, and Cindy looks like him. What about Lillian? Does she look like Gina?

Thinking of this, Baron smiled with self-mockery.

He hadn't discovered it for so many years!

Gina felt as if a knife were piercing her heart when she saw Lillian become skinny.

"I shouldn't have taken her back. She just wanted to be admitted by Mr. Conrad and wanted to be the daughter of the Han Family so much that she ended up like this." Sitting on the edge of the bed, Gina touched Lillian's face and cried.

Baron stood aside and looked at the crying Gina indifferently. He didn't comfort her but just looked at her.

"Gina." After a long time, Baron called her.

"Why did Lillian go to the prison to find Colby? Did they know each other before?"

The sad Gina was stunned. She didn't understand why Baron suddenly asked about it.

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