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   Chapter 641 Isn't It You Who Dotes On Me

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When they met in the Southern City, Lillian's strange vomiting attracted Gina's attention.

Then she asked Lillian if she had any other reactions during this period of time, and if her menstrual condition was in line with the symptoms of pregnancy.

She was really pregnant!

Gina calculated the time and found that the father of Lillian's baby was Colby!

Her only daughter had thought that she would be a daughter-in-law of a famous family after she became the daughter of Han Group.

But now, it was difficult to even marry into an ordinary family.

"Lillian, you are walking my way!"

Gina said painfully. Lillian was not lucky enough like her to meet a man who loved her. Fortunately, Gina still got Baron who loved her deeply.

Gina wasn't in a hurry to help Lillian get out of the mental hospital, and she didn't expect to beg Mr. Conrad as soon as she came back to the Han Family.

But now Lillian was pregnant. She should have an abortion or leave that damned place with the baby.

Lillian knew that she was pregnant, so her first reaction was to have an abortion!

She was scared and hated the bastard in her belly.

"Mr. Conrad, the baby is innocent!" Gina knelt down cried in front of him.

Mr. Conrad didn't immediately respond to Gina, because it was really beyond his expectation that Lillian was pregnant.

After she gave birth to the baby, she would definitely be laughed at and taunted.

In that case, why did she give birth to it!

Cindy's belly was getting bigger and bigger in these days, and she became sleepy.

The baby in her belly must be a lazy little fat boy, she thought.

But what pleased Cindy most was that her brother was finally getting married.

Because of this, Mr. Conrad didn't care about Lillian anymore.

But when he knew that she was pregnant, he still asked the psychiatric hospital to pay more attention to her and give her alone care.

Mr. Conrad had never thought of bringing Lillian out.

Now he was busy with his grandson's marriage.

At first, Andy didn't mention a word. When the wedding day was put o

ppy. Her marriage was perfect.

After she was blocked by Baron and Gina on the way last time, Marcus put off a lot of work and accompanied her wholeheartedly.

He went home on time to have dinner with her and then took her for a walk.

Looking at her big belly and the happy smile on her face, Marcus was very satisfied.

He understood why George had transferred the Huo Group o him when he was more than 20 years old.

Now, Marcus was so eager to see the baby in Cindy's belly come out and grow up as soon as possible, so that he could give the Huo Group to him like his father did. He could then travel around the world with his beloved woman.

He would never get tired to stay with the one he loved. She even hoped that she could always be happy and satisfied even if she could do the simplest thing!

With a big belly, Cindy walked with her hands on her back, but she insisted on walking, which was good for the baby's birth.

Every time she went out for a walk, the man beside her was her bodyguard. Cindy liked this kind of life very much.

Outside the villa, Baron saw Marcus and Cindy. Cindy really looked like him, but her eyes looked like her mother.

Baron was so upset that he didn't dare to speak to Cindy.

So he stood in a hidden place and looked at Marcus and Cindy for a long time.

Later, Baron was brought back to his senses by his mobile phone ring.

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