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   Chapter 551 Make That Man Suffer

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Marcus had a bold guess when he received a call from his mother. On the phone, she said that Mr. Conrad had arrived at the old house and that he would give Cindy a building.

Cindy might be Mr. Conrad's granddaughter!

Mr. Conrad was nice to Cindy. He gave her a diamond necklace at the first meeting and wrote a huge cheque at the second meeting. If they were strangers, he wouldn't give her so much money.

And why did he save Andy and take him as his grandson? And why did he favor him?

There was only one explanation. Mr. Conrad was their biological grandfather!

Finally, Mr. Conrad wanted to give the building to his eldest granddaughter in front of everyone. Everyone thought he was talking about Baron's daughter, Lillian, but in the end, he didn't give it to her. Instead, he came to the old house!

When Marcus and Cindy arrived, they didn't let the servants inform them. When they arrived at the living room, they heard Mr. Conrad talking about how Baron treated his ex-wife. Neither Marcus nor Cindy greeted him.

When Cindy heard "Cindy is the daughter of Baron", her heart sank.

The smile on her face disappeared and her eyes turned red inexplicably.

Before Marcus could say anything to her, she pulled his hand away and walked out of the house.

"Cindy!" Marcus called in a hurry. In the living room, Mr. Conrad and George noticed that Cindy had run out.

Mr. Conrad came here to recognize his granddaughter. He didn't know how to speak to Cindy. Now she heard it, and also heard the ruthlessness of his biological father.

It was not until Marcus saw Cindy get in the car safely that he returned to the living room and returned the contract on the table to Mr. Conrad.

"Mr. Conrad, Cindy doesn't need this."

Marcus had already known something about Baron and his ex-wife, and he also saw how much he loved Gina and Lillian.

But he didn't expect that his ex-wife was Mrs. Jade. When he knew that Cindy was Baron's daughter, his heart ached as if it was pricked by a needle. What the Han Family owed Cindy was not something that could be compensated with money.

"Marcus!" George scolded. "The faults of Baron have nothing to do with Mr. Conrad."

Marcus sm

an I do something stupid?

I just want to send a gift to my father to thank him for abandoning me for so many years.'

"Cindy." "Don't be mad at Mr. Conrad," Andy added.

Speaking of Mr. Conrad, Cindy fell silent.

If she didn't know her real identity, Cindy would respect and like him.

When she met him for the first time, he scolded Estelle, and protected her. At that time, she had thought that he was fair. Now she realized that he helped her because he owed her.

"I almost died several times. It was he who saved me. When I was wronged, it was also he who accepted me." "Cindy, don't blame him," said Andy. Baron kicked us out when they were not here. It was too late when they came back. "

"He's getting old. He wants to take you back to Han Family before he dies. In fact, he wanted to take you back when he saved me. But I was afraid that it would affect your life, so he sent people to follow you secretly. Wherever you went outside the Southern City, his people would follow you. "

'Mr. Conrad was with me?' Cindy didn't know this until now.

"I see." Cindy replied indifferently. Although she knew that it was not all his fault, she still couldn't accept her identity for a while.

"Honey, where does Baron live?" After hanging up the phone, Cindy asked Marcus where Baron lived.

It was not difficult for Marcus to find a person in the Southern City.

When Lillian worked in the Huo Group, her current address was on her resume.

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