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   Chapter 550 The Mystery Of Her Birth

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"After Baron graduated from the university, he was not interested in the business of the Han Family, so I agreed about his decision and let him find a job as a teacher outside. I don't ask him for any help. I just want him to get married and have his own children. It's good for him to live quietly for the rest of his life. "

"I was an old friend of Jade's father. Later, their whole family emigrated to Australia. At that time, she still had her studies at home, and she seemed not to want to leave. So I want Baron to marry Jade and the Qi Family agreed. When I told Baron, he had no objection. "

Speaking of this, Mr. Conrad sighed.

"I knew that Baron had someone in his heart, but he didn't object to the marriage. I thought after he married Jade, he would be indifferent to that person in his heart."

When he married Jade, Baron acquiesced in his father's idea. At that time, he failed to express his love to Gina, and she left him abroad. Baron was so sad that he got married as his father said.

"But I didn't expect that this unfilial son kicked Jade out of the Han Family in the name of love!" Speaking of this, Mr. Conrad hit the ground with his crutch angrily.

"In the past six years, he has already had a child, but he still brought that woman to me and asked me to fulfill his wish. Mr. Marcus, do you think I should agree or disagree? "

George didn't take his words. He knew that he must have objected at that time.

If it were him, he wouldn't agree to let Baron leave his wife and marry another woman.

Jade gave birth to a son for him. The two had lived together for six years. He shouldn't abandon his ex-wife because of his love. Maybe it was because Baron was too infatuated with her, or Gina was so shrewd that he insisted on being with her.

"Jade gave birth to a son. He is smart and sensible. My wife likes him very much. When he was six years old, Jade was pregnant again. We hoped that it could be a girl. If it's not, it doesn't matter, as long as the family is harmon

ind out that Jade is still alive."

Hearing his words, George was surer of his guess. Miranda didn't react as quickly as he did. She couldn't help asking, "Mr. Conrad, what you said has nothing to do with the dowry? "

"Because Cindy is the daughter of Baron!" George said in a low voice before Mr. Conrad opened his mouth.

He tried to sound it out, but saw Mr. Conrad stunned.

He looked at the shocked Miranda and nodded at George. "Yes, Cindy is my granddaughter!"

As he spoke, his eyes turned red. "For so many years, the Han Family owed her too much. As her grandfather, I'm very sorry for her. This building can't make up for her debts at all. Today I come to tell you her background, hoping that the two of you can treat her better in the future. "

Hearing what Mr. Conrad said, Miranda froze in place for a long time.

She didn't expect that Cindy had such a biological father! Fortunately, she thought her stepfather was her biological father since she was a child, and he doted on her. Otherwise, it would be really pitiful.

"Then Your grandson... " Suddenly, another question came to Miranda's mind.

"Yes, Andy is my grandson! As a matter of fact, I'm very grateful to that man of the Luo Family. He treated them as his own. That's also the reason why I didn't find Jade later. "

Mr. Conrad replied frankly.

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