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   Chapter 549 Dowry From Mr. Conrad

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"This is simply ridiculous. No one else can interfere in our relationship. Whether it's men or women, especially those who want to use illegal means, I will never let them go! "

Marcus looked at the camera with his sharp and cold eyes.

After listening to Marcus's words, the audience in the TV was flattering. There was a burst of applause, and even someone shouted under the stage, "Mr. Marcus, you are so handsome!"

"Mr. Marcus, do you have anything else to say to your wife?" The host asked again.

"Cindy, I love you!"

At the same time, Marcus, who was sitting on the sofa, held Cindy in his arms and repeated the words in her ear again and again.

"Cindy, there is a boy who saw you at the first sight when he was six years old. In the following more than 20 years, everything he did was for one thing! Marry you and love you forever! "

Tears streamed down Cindy's cheeks. She felt his warmth in her hands. She recalled that in the past many years, even if it was just a small matter like her falling, a young man would come to her nervously and help her.

He coaxed her; he tried to make her happy when she was angry; he spoiled and loved her when she was naughty.

She always remembered what he said. He said, "Cindy, I'm here. It's okay!"

"Silly girl, we will be happy together in the future. You can't run away anymore." Marcus said, holding Cindy tightly in his arms.

"You can only be mine!"

Then Cindy's lips were covered.

With all their love, there was only happiness on their faces.

The moonlight poured down from the window, and the figures of the two gradually overlapped. Their hearts had never been securer and happier than now!

On the second day after Marcus attended the program, he received many calls.

The show was broadcast at night in order to let more people see it, especially those like Lillian who tried to make trouble.

As soon as the show was released, Marcus hit the headlines on the second day. It was said that Mr. Marcus was handsome and charming. He zoomed in on the photo he had taken in the interview. It was true that one shot of Marcus was enchanting.

Many of the people on the phone were congratulating him. Marcus was in a good mood, so he agreed to meet many bosses who wanted to see him.

Miranda also called and praised her

ok a sip of tea.

"Mr. George, you and Baron were good friends in college, weren't you?" Instead of explaining why he gave the building to Cindy, he talked about his eldest son.

"Yes." George replied.

When they were in college, he did have a good relationship with Baron. The two of them majored in the same major and lived in the same dormitory. But their relationship faded away because of Gina.

"You and Baron are on good terms, but he hasn't learned anything from you." Said Mr. Conrad with a smile.

Baron was not as sensible as George, nor as smart as him, nor did he know what responsibility was!

If he didn't love her, he should not marry her. If he married her, he had to be responsible to the end.

At the mention of Baron, Mr. Conrad thought of what he had done and felt extremely uncomfortable.

"He abandoned his wife and children for a woman. He doesn't even recognize me as his father." Said Mr. Conrad sadly.

George didn't know what to say. It was a matter between the Han Family and Baron. He could only comfort him. "Baron has his own ideas."

"He is blind!" Mr. Conrad said angrily.

"You know what he has done."

"Yes." George nodded. He knew that Baron kicked his ex-wife out of the Han Family for Gina, but he didn't know the whole story.

Mr. Conrad shook his head. "As the saying goes, father should be responsible for his son's faults. I'm responsible for what he has done."

As he spoke, Miranda had already made a phone call. She came over and happened to hear Mr. Conrad said that.

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