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   Chapter 546 Don't Fawn On The Wrong Person

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"Dad, I want to marry the woman I love. Why don't you agree?" Baron couldn't understand his father's words at all, so he continued.

Mr. Conrad asked coldly. "Baron, don't you understand what I said?"

"You can marry her as you like! But the Han Family won't accept this woman. If you want to be with her, then you won't have any money from the Han Family from now on. When I die, all the property of the Han Family will also belong to your brother. "

Mr. Conrad wanted to prevent Gina from getting any money. Didn't she say that she loved Baron? He could just give Baron to her.

"Miss Gina, I'm okay with your marriage with my son, but you won't have the money from my family. I think you really love Baron, so you don't care about the money of Han Family, do you?"

Gina was driven to a dead end by Mr. Conrad's words, but she could only answer according to his words. "Yes, I love Baron."

Then she turned to look at Baron with a smile, "I understand what Mr. Conrad means. But I love you. We can be happy together."

Gina was touched by Gina's words. He held her hand tightly. "Don't worry. I will make you happy."

The two of them showed off their love in front of Mr. Conrad. Maybe both Baron and Gina thought that he was just kidding. But after they showed off their love, Mr. Conrad asked the servants to pack up Baron's luggage and let them leave the Han Family immediately.

"Your credit cards are all handled by the Han Family, so I'll take it back. From now on, I will stop transferring money to you every month. The house you live is also the one I bought for you and Jade, so I will take back the house. You can go anywhere you like with your beloved woman as long as you leave the Han Family. "

Sitting on a chair and drinking tea, Mr. Conrad said indifferently. Seeing that Gina's face froze, he pulled his mouth and sneered.

Did she think he was joking? The power holder of the Han Family would never take back what he had said!

Baron didn't know much about money. He had been living a rich life since he was a child. So after hearing Gina's confession of love, he felt that he would also have a good time leaving the Han Family.

"Dad, we are going to leave."


ho she is! "

When Baron came to the Southern City, he took advantage of the Han Family to attend other people's parties and got a lot of benefits.

At first, for the sake of his son, Mr. Conrad turned a blind eye to it, but there were some people who didn't know to be satisfied and had to let him make things a dead end.

All the people present heard what Mr. Conrad said clearly.

Since Baron was not admitted by his father, it was a waste to build up a relationship with him. He had no right to make decisions on the business of the Han Group. And his daughter was not admitted by Mr. Conrad.

After Mr. Conrad left, someone came to look for Baron.

He didn't come to hook up with him, but to ask him to get back the valuable things he had sent out.

"Mr. Baron, you didn't give others the blue and white porcelain I gave you last time, did you?"

When Baron came to the Southern City, he used the identity of the eldest master of the Baron and George's classmate to get a lot of good things, which were also very valuable.

Now that the other party saw that the thing was sent to the wrong person, they would naturally take it back.

"What do you mean?" Baron asked coldly.

"As for the blue and white porcelain, I'm giving it to you just for appreciation. It's been a long time. Shouldn't you give it back to me?" The gift was sent out, but it was too precious. When he knew that Baron couldn't help him, he would certainly try to get it back.

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