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   Chapter 545 I Won't Give You A Penny

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Baron and Gina smiled. Mr. Conrad knew that they were talking about Lillian.

He listened to Baron with a cold face, and Gina continued Baron's words. Because of excitement, her face was lively.

"Mr. Conrad, you are so kind to Lillian. I don't know what to say."

"I thought you didn't recognize Lillian as your granddaughter because of me. I didn't expect..." Gina said excitedly.

If they got the building, they would be able to enjoy the glory and wealth of their lives.

His decision surprised and pleased Baron and Gina.

After hearing Gina's words, Mr. Conrad looked at his eldest son with a cold face and asked, "Did I say that I would give the building to her?"

Mr. Conrad's voice was clear and powerful, drawing everyone's attention back again.

All the guests at the banquet looked at him and listened to him attentively.

As far as they knew, Mr. Conrad only had two granddaughters. One was the daughter of the second son of the Han Family, and the other was Lillian, who had been outside all the time and Mr. Conrad didn't recognize her at all.

If he didn't refer to Lillian, then who was he referring to?

"Dad!" Baron was confused by his father's words. "Didn't you just say that?"

Hearing Mr. Conrad's words, even Lillian became anxious and walked towards them.

Holding his crutch, Mr. Conrad looked coldly at Lillian who was approaching. "Yes, I said I would give the building to my eldest granddaughter! But did I say it was her?"

Then he turned to look at Baron and said, "You think she is your daughter, but I have never admitted that she is a member of our Han Family!"

Baron was shocked to hear what he said. Lillian was his daughter, but Mr. Conrad refused to admit it.

"Dad, I know you don't want me to be with Gina, but Lillian has the blood of Han Family after all. And you just said on the stage that you would give the building to her. Do you regret now?"

Baron's questioning made Mr. Conrad angry.

This son was really faithful, just remembering that he only had o

inion, I can only agree."

"Thank you, Dad."

"Thank you, Mr. Conrad."

As soon as Mr. Conrad finished his words, Baron and Gina happily answered.


After seeing their joy, Mr. Conrad's face darkened. He stared at Baron coldly and asked, "You are my eldest son. I always think highly of you. I asked you to marry Jade, but you didn't object, didn't you?"

"No." Puzzled by his words, Baron explained, "I married her when Gina went abroad. But I didn't love her for so many years."

"Dad, I've lost Gina once. I can't let her go for the second time."

"Okay!" After hearing his son's words, he replied.

Baron thought his father agreed and he smiled.

"If you have to marry this woman, then you must leave the Han Family!"

Baron and Gina were waiting for his permission, but they didn't expect to hear such words.

"Dad!" Baron said in surprise.

"I just want to marry the woman I like. Why don't you agree?"

"Didn't I agree? If you want to marry her, you can leave the Han Family and raise this woman and her child by yourself. The Han Family won't give you a penny." Mr. Conrad said in a cold voice and looked at Gina. "Miss Gina, don't you love my son very much? In that case, I will give him to you."

Even Gina didn't expect that Mr. Conrad would rather abandon his son than let her marry into the Han Family.

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