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   Chapter 543 Really Special

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 7222

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In the banquet hall, Clark and his family had come to greet the guests with Mr. Conrad.

Clark is the heir of Mr. Conrad, so Mr. Conrad has already told him to work harder.

Clark was a filial son and obeyed Mr. Conrad's words.

Last time in the shopping mall, Mr. Conrad helped Cindy. Estelle was angry with him and didn't want to come to the Southern City. But Clark didn't agree and pulled her over.

At this moment, instead of greeting the guests with his parents, Estelle stood aside unhappily.

Since it was Mr. Conrad's birthday, Baron and his family also came.

Mr. Conrad didn't like Baron and was even more annoyed with Gina, but he still invited them.

All the people who were supposed to come here today had to come.

Seeing Alex leave, Cindy wanted to follow him, but was stopped by Marcus, because Mr. Conrad had already walked towards them.

"Olivia! She..."

"I know. But why are we here today? Besides, Mr. Conrad is here. Let's talk about it when we go back, okay? "

Marcus tried to persuade Cindy. Biting her lips, she turned around and saw Mr. Conrad.

Seeing the excited look on Mr. Conrad's face, Clark two felt strange. What kind of person made him so emotional.

Following Mr. Conrad, he saw Marcus and a woman.

Clark knew Marcus. He appreciated and liked this young man very much.

He really wanted to marry his daughter to Marcus, but he had already been married, and he was not interested in his daughter.

At that time, they called and said that. The direct action of Marcus did not make Clark angry. On the contrary, he thought that he was right.

Since he was not interested in that women, he had to be straightforward. Otherwise, if he left an ambiguous relationship, it would only cause future trouble, and it would do no good to anyone.

Mr. Conrad had seen Marcus before. Although he liked Marcus, he had never been so excited like now.

He looked at Mr. Conrad carefully and found that he was staring at the woman beside Marcus.

"Mr. Conrad." Marcus held Cindy's hand and greeted him.

Although Cindy also wanted to know about Olivia's situation, she still had to greet Mr. Conrad first.

ners of Cindy's mouth and she pursed her lips. He suddenly thought of something.

When her mother was alive, she often pursed her lips and smiled. Her smile was dignified and elegant, making people feel very comfortable.

"Oh, Andy, he'll be there soon." Mr. Conrad replied to Cindy's question first.

Hearing Mr. Conrad's tone, Cindy knew that Mr. Conrad must know that he was her brother.

Of course, Mr. Conrad should have investigated his brother before saving him.

"Andy's fiancee is also here today. He must have gone to pick her up!" Added Mr. Conrad.

"Fiancee?" Cindy said in surprise.

"Yes, a girl from the Qin Family. She is a nice girl." Mr. Conrad replied with a smile.

Cindy turned to look at Marcus, who lowered his head and whispered in her ear. "Abbie."

Suddenly, Cindy understood and secretly pinched Marcus's arm.

Why did he keep everything from her!

But now that her brother was with Abbie, she felt that things were going to be better.

Seeing this, Lillian said to Estelle with a smile.

"The way Grandpa treated Cindy is special."

"Humph!" Estelle snorted coldly. She didn't want to talk to Lillian, but Lillian continued.

"I heard that you had a fight with her in the mall before. I thought she would be polite to you for the sake of your identity as the daughter of the Han Family. Now it seems that with Marcus and Mr. Conrad as her backers, no wonder she dares to bully you."

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