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   Chapter 540 Is It Brother

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 7302

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At the first sight of Andy, Baron felt that he looked familiar. When he saw Cindy, he had a strong impact, as if they had met somewhere.

But Baron couldn't remember where he had met them before.

Andy was also surprised to see the family of Baron.

His face darkened when he saw them. He didn't want to see that person at all. This time, he still hated him more.

He would never forget the ruthlessness of that man. He kicked them out of the house.

Such a father only cared about his so-called love and was irresponsible. He didn't deserve to be a father at all.

With a cold face, Andy walked past Baron and his wife, without even looking at them.

It was Abbie who got off the car with Andy. Such a combination made Baron and his family feel strange.

"Who are they? Are they here for Grandpa? " Asked Abbie.

"I don't know him." replied Andy.

He really didn't know them and even hoped that he never remembered how that person kicked them out of the Han Family.

The feeling of being ignored and disgusted made Baron and Gina unhappy.

"Why are they so impolite? I don't know what Dad is thinking. " Baron said angrily when Andy entered the room.

Of course, Andy heard it. He stopped, turned his head, raised his chin and looked at Baron coldly.

The sensitive girl, Abbie, also sensed something. She stood aside and looked aggressively at the family in front of her.

'Andy is adopted by the Han Family. So what? If his identity hadn't been restored, he wouldn't have been in the name of the Han Family.'

"Mr. Baron, someone is impolite because no one taught him. If he doesn't greet you, it means that you are of bad character. You have been in the society for so many years. Don't you know that? "

Andy said to Baron almost at the nose. His malicious eyes were full of hatred, which made Baron feel inexplicably sad.

"Don't be so arrogant!"

Lillian shouted angrily.

She couldn't help clenching her fists. He was just adopted by Mr. Conrad. She didn't know what his job was before. She couldn't believe that he would support him when he spoke so insolently.

Without Mr. Conrad's permission, Baron had no courage to enter his house.

n send the gift that I bought. His birthday is coming. We can't pick up a gift randomly." Explained Cindy.

Marcus pursed his lips and pointed at the study. "It's on the desk in the study. Go and have a look."

As soon as he finished his words, Cindy walked towards the study excitedly, eager to see what kind of gift it was.

Marcus stared at her back in a daze. What he wanted her to see was not a gift, but something else.

In the study, as soon as Cindy entered, she saw the gift box on the table. She walked over and opened it. It was really a rare treasure!

After reading it, she closed the box and was about to take it back to her room when she saw the file on the table.

There was nothing special about the document. What attracted her was the signature on it.


In the quiet study, Marcus went upstairs quietly. When he reached the door, he heard the uncontrollable cry inside.

That was what he showed her. It was not the document, but the signature at the end.

Cindy was familiar with his handwriting. If she didn't recognize it, he would tell her during Mr. Conrad's birthday party tomorrow. If she did, he would tell her now.

As Marcus thought, Cindy immediately recognized her brother's handwriting.

"Cindy." Marcus approached her slowly. When he stood beside her, Cindy, who was crying, suddenly had someone to rely on. She fell into his arms, crying.

"Is it my brother's handwriting? Am I right? "

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