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   Chapter 539 Only One Daughter

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 7115

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If Baron stayed in the Han Family and took part in the business, he could afford ten sets, let alone the villa in front of him.

For love, Baron gave up his wealth and was willing to suffer with Gina. But he had to ask Gina if she was willing to continue a simple life with him.

She could live a simple life abroad. After returning home, they had seen the wealth and power of the Han Family and the Huo Family. How could they be willing to stay calm?

'They are all from the Han Family. Baron shouldn't have nothing!'

This idea became stronger in the hearts of Gina and Lillian, especially after the revenge of Marcus.

When Mr. Conrad came back, he saw Baron and his family waiting for him at the door as soon as he got off the car.

His face darkened at the sight of them.

"Dad!" Baron called him first. Gina and Lillian, who followed him, also smiled and called, "Mr. Conrad."

Even if Lillian was Baron's daughter, she didn't dare to call him "Grandpa".

The year when his mother died, Baron came back with them. When Lillian called Mr. Conrad "Grandpa", he pulled a long face and asked her to shut up.

Moreover, in the mourning hall, in front of all the guests who came to worship, he did not save their faces.

Since that time, Lillian had a shadow in her heart and dared not call him "Grandpa" anymore.

"What are you doing here?" Mr. Conrad asked coldly. It had been seven or eight days since he came to the Southern City.

On the day he came, his second son called and said that he had bought him a house in the Southern City.

It was not until this moment that Baron, his elder son who stayed at the Southern City, appeared in front of him.

He stared at Baron coldly with a straight face, and looked at Gina with more disgust.

Baron didn't listen to him. When he took Gina who was sick directly into the Han Family, he knew that this woman was not that simple.

As he expected, within a month after this woman moved in, she said that she was pregnant.

Moreover, Mr. Conrad didn't know where Baron got the evidence. He said that the child in Jade's belly was not his at all. He kick

e touched his heart.

He finally heard something kind!

"Get up." Mr. Conrad said calmly.

Baron looked at his father uneasily, wondering if he had listened to him and forgiven him.

Gina and Lillian were also nervous.

"What you said today really moved me!" Said Mr. Conrad with a smile.

After saying that, he turned around and went straight to the villa without saying anything to Baron.

The three of them looked at each other and didn't understand what Mr. Conrad meant.

'Forgive him?

Or is he not moved at all?'

Just when they didn't know what to do, a car came over not far away.

Lillian recognized that the person who got out of the car was Andy.

Baron and Gina hadn't seen Andy before. When the two of them saw him get out of the car, they felt a little familiar.

When they were wondering who the man was, Lillian whispered in their ears, "He is the grandson adopted by Mr. Conrad before."

Mr. Conrad didn't admit that Lillian was his granddaughter. He adopted a grandson from outside, and he was quite partial to him.

Baron was also annoyed. Mr. Conrad would rather give the project to this outsider than his granddaughter.

Therefore, Baron and Gina hated Andy.

As an outsider, how could he take away the love of Mr. Conrad and steal the property of the Han Family from the same position as them? No, it was more likely to get the money of the Han Family than them!

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