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   Chapter 534 Only Disgust

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Baron's ability to make money was not as good as Clark, let alone George.

The savings he had accumulated were spent after few years abroad. After that, he worked as a professor in the school. Fortunately, he was a well-educated person who could teach.

Gina was in poor health and she had a job abroad. They could live a simple life.

But people's hearts were greedy. Baron, who was used to living a rich life, couldn't squander money as before because of his financial status, but he could adapt to a light life.

However, Gina and Lillian couldn't get used to it.

This time, Gina wanted his daughter to marry to a good family in the name of the daughter of Han family.

A good family naturally referred to a family like Marcus.

But Mr. Conrad didn't recognize Lillian nor did he allow her to work in the Han group. They could only come to the Southern City to try their luck and live in the Huo Family's house. Gina went there for Marcus.

"Mom." After returning home, Lillian threw herself into Gina's arms with lingering fear. The men in the room kept touching her body, and she felt disgusted at the thought of it.

Lillian didn't dare to think too much about their laughter and their words. She burst into tears.

Gina patted on Lillian's back. She had only one daughter and was almost ruined by Marcus tonight.

That man was so cruel!

Hearing his daughter's sad cry, Baron felt annoyed.

Lillian was the precious daughter of him and Gina. In his opinion, her daughter had always been obedient and had outstanding academic performance, but she was much more miserable than Estelle. If it weren't for him, she would have been served by the servants in the Han Family. It was not difficult to find a good husband with countless money.

"I'm sorry, Lillian. I'm not capable enough." Baron walked to the bedside and said to his daughter.

Gina glanced at him indifferently. Baron was not a capable man. He was good for nothing but infatuation.

He couldn't get even a penny from such a big company like Han family, and his brother would firmly occupy it.

Compared to George, he was even worse.

"The Huo family is to blame." Gina said in a cold voice with hatred.

She lowered her head

admired. Unlike Baron, who lived an ordinary life after he left the Han Family, he was often bullied and did nothing at work.

George didn't say anything. He raised his head and looked at Baron.

"How did you teach your son?"

As soon as Baron entered the room, he asked him how to teach his son. Of course, George was unhappy to hear that.

Although his son was not obedient, he was outstanding on the whole. No one in the Southern City dared to say that his son was not good?

"He almost have someone raped Lillian." Baron said angrily.

"Well." "You should call the police instead of coming here to see me," George said flatly

Call the police?

Baron was stunned. He didn't expect that George would ask him to call the police.

He was not even as eloquent as George.

Gina knew that Baron couldn't win, and he didn't have the ability to ask George to teach Marcus, so she had to come here as soon as possible.

"Excuse me, is your family's education aimed at innocent girls?"

"I don't know what Marcus has done." George replied indifferently.

He cast a cold glance at Gina with disgust.

From the beginning till now, the way George looked at Gina had never changed. Disgust and disdain!

George was a good judge of character. He had seen through this woman since Gina approached him and Baron, but Baron was obsessed with her.

Later, Gina came to him and told him that he was the one she liked!

George's disdain for her turned into disgust.

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