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   Chapter 533 But I Only Like You

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"Mr. Marcus, the Han Family is not that easy to be bullied."

Gina oppressed people in the name of the Han Family, but Marcus didn't take it seriously.

"Am I easy to be bullied? Is my woman easy to be bullied?" He sneered.

Baron had picked up Lillian out of the room but then he walked back since he worried about his wife.

Seeing his daughter suffer so much grievance, Baron was very angry.

"Marcus, your father and I are good friends. What you have done to my daughter is too much."

Hearing Baron's rebuke, Marcus didn't take it seriously. "Go too far? I don't think so!"

As he spoke, he signaled the people in the room to bring him a glass of red wine.

Baron and the others thought that Marcus was going to drink, but they didn't expect him to pour wine on Lillian, who was leaning against Baron's arms.

He poured the wine in front of so many people, including Baron and Gina.

"Marcus Huo!" Gina was completely irritated by him. How she wished she could kill him now.

The cold wine poured down Lillian's face to her neck and she came to her senses.

"Miss Lillian, if you dare to spread rumors again, it won't be as simple as today!"

Hearing what Marcus said, Lillian shivered. She recalled that everything happened in the room was under his orders. How could she not be frightened!

Frightened, Lillian couldn't help crying. She didn't dare to contradict Marcus, but threw herself into Baron's arms.

"Boo... Hoo Dad... "

She cried sadly, as if she had suffered a great grievance.

Lillian didn't think she was wrong, but she was treated like this by Marcus.

Seeing his daughter crying sadly, Baron felt bad. He gently patted his daughter's back. He was incompetent in front of this younger generation.

"It's getting late. It's time to go home and have a rest." Marcus said lightly, turned around and left.

"We won't let it go." Gina threatened when Marcus turned around.

Marcus sneered. "I'm a little curious all of a sudden. I want to see what you can do to me!"


f he didn't do it ruthlessly, the cheeky woman would go even further.

Only by being cruel could she still have a lingering fear of him and dare not provoke his Cindy.

"You've solved one problem. I don't know how many people will like you in the future." Cindy joked and reached out to touch her husband's face.

He held her in his arms and smiled. "But I only like you."

As they spoke, the two of them looked into each other's eyes. In their eyes, they could only see their strong love for each other.

Lillian was taken back to the residence by Baron and Gina. They rented an ordinary house with two bedrooms and one living room, which was far less than the Huo Family's old house.

Even if they wanted to live in the Huo family's or Han family's house, they couldn't afford it with their economic ability.

Baron didn't like doing business. Before he left the Han Family, he taught in a university in H City and the salary he earned was not enough for his monthly expenses.

Back then, he was provided every month since he was a member of the Han Family. He enjoyed a rich life.

Until he drove Jade and his son out of the Han Family for Gina, Mr. Conrad was furious and drove him out. At the same time, he was disinherited from the Han Group.

For love, Baron abandoned everything of the Han Family and went abroad with Gina.

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