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   Chapter 532 Who Are You Going To Sue

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"Mr. Marcus."

After she arrived at the Public Relations Department, Lillian had already gone through a lot, and was always forced to drink.

For several times, she was afraid of social engagements. She even regretted asking for the position of Public Relations Department from George.

Of course, Lillian didn't know that was partly because of Marcus.

At the beginning of the dinner, Marcus took a sip and then said he needed to go to the bathroom.

Seeing that Marcus was about to leave, Lillian was inexplicably scared. The smiles of the men opposite her made her panic.

Suddenly, she grabbed Marcus who was about to leave.

"Mr. Marcus."

"Who dares to hurt my people?" Marcus said with a smile.

His words made Lillian feel that he wouldn't leave her alone.

Lillian was a very smart woman. For how to approach or seduce men, she was either from the book or Gina.

So in reality, she still couldn't deal with it.

She was overjoyed by Marcus's words, so she didn't think too much.

Although she wanted to take it slow, her eagerness to marry a rich man still made her lose her mind.

She lived a peaceful life with Baron and Gina. She had met Estelle, went to the Han mansion, and lived in the Huo Family. She saw the life of the rich.

She felt that she was the lady of the Han Family. How could she live an ordinary and tasteless life all the time?

Lillian was too anxious to calm down and figure out Marcus's purpose.

As soon as Marcus left, the old men immediately moved around Lillian.

'Mr. Marcus said that this woman is ours tonight. Whoever has sex with her first will cooperate with him.

What a good thing! We can not only have sex with a woman, but also have an opportunity to cooperate with the Huo Group.

"Miss Lillian, you are so beautiful." The man on the right side of Lillian said first, staring at her shoulder.

She wore this dress to seduce Marcus, revealing her fair shoulder and her cleavage.

The men approached Lillian, and when they saw her, they were all excited.

They had thought that the woman Marcus had asked them to play with was an ugly woman, b

Baron held Lillian in his arms and walked towards the door. Watching his daughter being almost… He felt terrible. This was his precious daughter!

"Tell me, who instigated you?" Gina didn't follow Baron and asked angrily with red eyes.

These men didn't take off their own clothes. So they straightened their clothes and didn't look like the person who did that at all.

"Madam, what are you talking about?" They pretended not to understand.

The floor of the hotel's restaurant had been booked by Marcus. No one knew what had happened here.

Although Gina couldn't get any answer, she was sure that it was Marcus.

She was so angry that she gritted her teeth. She only had a daughter. She thought that she would marry a rich man, but she didn't expect that she would be almost ruined here.

'Marcus!' She gritted her teeth and called out Marcus's name.

'The father and the son are the same, heartless and inhuman.'

"You guys rape a woman. The Han Family will sue you!" Gina said angrily, frightening them in the name of the Han Family.

Marcus walked over and sneered at Gina.

"Mrs. Gina, who are you going to sue?" Marcus said in a disdainful tone.

Gina turned around and saw Marcus standing in front of her. The disdainful expression on his face reminded her of George.

She used to love George wholeheartedly, but in return, he said in a disdainful tone.

"Gina, are you qualified?"

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