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   Chapter 527 Do Something More Intimate

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"Come on! I know what he is thinking about. " Said Andy with a smile.

"Andy, it's your birthday in a few days, so Grandpa wants to come to accompany you." Mr. Conrad looked at his grandson kindly.

"I have planned to go back to H City."

"No hurry." "I still have something to do. Invite me to dinner tonight. "

However, Andy didn't refuse. "Okay."

The smile on Mr. Conrad's face faded. Looking at his grandson in front of him, he thought of Cindy.

"When I came to the Southern City, I went to the shopping mall and saw Cindy."

Hearing that, Andy was stunned. He didn't expect that he would run into Cindy.

He had seen those reports, but Marcus had told him the situation. Although he wanted to see Cindy, he thought it was better not to make things worse.

"Did you tell her?"

At the thought of what he might have said to Cindy, Andy became a little anxious.

"No!" Mr. Conrad hurriedly waved his hand.

"You are right. I owe her too much. Even if I want to take her back, I'm afraid she won't recognize me as her grandfather, and..."

"The reason why you don't recognize her now is that you are afraid that your own business will affect her? As a brother, you always think for your sister. As a grandfather, of course I will think for my granddaughter! " Said Mr. Conrad with a sigh.

Moreover, if she was recognized, those cruel and painful past would be dug out, and the child would know that she had an ungrateful father!

"Take your time." Thinking of Baron's family in the Southern City, Mr. Conrad was disappointed and cold.

When Andy entered the room with his grandfather, that the door was opened and the people inside immediately came out.

"Mr. Conrad, we haven't seen each other for many years. How are you?"

The middle-aged man said with a smile, reaching out his hand to hold Mr. Conrad.

Andy's face darkened. It was Ken's father!

When he looked over again, his whole body trembled.


"Mr. Conrad, this is my daughter, Abbie. She has been lost for so many years. Abbie, come and greet Mr. Conrad."

Abbie stood up and bowed to Mr. Conrad. "Hello, Mr. Conr

But at the thought that this girl only took his father's words seriously, especially because of her Kung Fu, he swallowed and had to turn to Mr. Conrad for help.

"It doesn't matter. They are all young people. They don't know each other unless they fight!" But Mr. Conrad's face was full of smile.

His grandson had been depressed for too long!

Abbie approached him and lied to him again and again. Although she was determined to help him fight against Hugh later, he should deal with what had happened before.

Abbie didn't expect this man to be so powerful. Unknowingly, the two had already fought for a while, but the result was still uncertain.

It was more accurate to say that the man was playing with her on purpose.

Abbie didn't want to fight with him anymore. She stopped first and looked at her father and Mr. Conrad.

"I'm sorry. I have something else to do today. I have to go now."

Then she walked straight to the door without waiting for their answer.

However, as soon as she turned around, she was held by the man's big hand.

"Let go of me, Mr. Andy. We are not familiar with each other!" Abbie's eyebrows furrowed and her face was full of displeasure.

The man smiled playfully. "Not familiar? If so, we can only do something more intimate. "

"You HMM... "

In an instant, her pupils shrank and then expanded little by little.

Her heart was beating wildly. 'He, he is…'

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