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   Chapter 503 Let Him Marry Me!

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Seeing the photo in Marcus's hand, Hugh also came over.

"Give me the photo. The two of them are not from here. It should be easy to find them!"

At this moment, the door of the room was knocked open again, and Bruce rushed over quickly.

"Where did you take her?"

Bruce grabbed Hugh's collar before he could say anything.

"Mr. Bruce, there is no evidence to prove that this man has kidnapped Miss Cindy. Please let him go!"

But what the police said didn't work at all.

After pulling for a long time, Hugh didn't move, but shook his head at Bruce.

"I really don't know! I called Marcus to threaten her with the life-saving pills. She promised to come, but she didn't come here. "

Hugh looked quite serious and didn't seem to be lying.

Bruce gritted his teeth but didn't let go of him. He shouted at the group of people behind him, "What are you doing there? Hurry up and find Miss Cindy!"

"Master, are you okay? Let him go! "

The subordinates of Hugh arrived at the same time. The two sides immediately looked at each other with covetous eyes.

"It's none of your business. Get out!"

Hugh waved at his subordinates. It was indeed strange.

As soon as he finished his words, those who wanted to go forward looked at each other in dismay. In the end, they could only stay where they were and did not move any more.

Marcus and Bruce also winked at Maurice, asking him to take his men to look for Cindy as soon as possible.

Maurice looked at Hugh's men and hesitated. He was afraid that if he took them away, Marcus and Bruce would be in danger.

But when he saw master's eyes again, Maurice nodded, waved his hand and took them out of the room.

One of Hugh's men accidentally saw the photo in Marcus's hand. Looking at the photo, he frowned.

Ignoring Marcus's permission, H

ame on me and told Hugh. But, don't you know what kind of responsibility you should take? "

Vivian's eyes did not hide her hatred. Now she was the one who was blamed. Even if she had given up on Hugh, she would not offend him for this. Moreover, she had to get the formula of the medicine.

Looking at Vivian, Kaley pulled her lips and said, "Vivian, listen to me. I just want to stabilize the situation first. Our plan was exposed, but it didn't fail! Don't worry. When everything is over, I will definitely let Hugh marry you! "

"Let him marry me? What can you do to make him marry me? I'm worried about that! " Vivian said impolitely.

"What are you worried about? Your father and I have agreed on it."

"Really? Since you are so sincere, please give me my bride price first! "

Kaley took a deep breath and thought, 'The powder of 300 pounds!'

"What? Are you reluctant? I'll tell my father right now! " Vivian was about to leave, twisting her waist.

"Okay! I'll give it to you! Send someone to give it to the general. I'll call him now. "

Staring at the phone, Vivian smiled. Anyway, she got it first.

She continued. "Well, then please let Hugh say he will marry me in front of me!"

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