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   Chapter 501 If You Want The Antidote, Come To Me

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The name on the phone was Hugh, which made Cindy's heart beat a few times. She pressed her lips and answered the phone. She approached her ear and whispered, "What's up?"

She turned her head to look at the person lying next to her. He looked asleep, and there was no sign of waking up.

She felt a little uneasy to receive such a call at night.

But she also knew that Hugh would never call her for no reason.

While answering the phone, she looked at Marcus gently, waiting for his reply.

"Sophie, has Marcus taken the antidote that I gave him today?"

The man on the other end of the phone said in a hoarse voice.

Hearing this, Cindy's face turned serious. She clenched the phone more tightly and frowned deeply.

"What do you mean? Is there anything wrong with the medicine you gave me? How could you do this, Hugh? What can I do to make you give me the antidote? "

"Ha Don't you know what happened? Sophie, I only want you. Except you, I don't want revenge or family property. I only want you! "

"Yes, the medicine I gave Marcus today is true, but there is only half of it. If nothing goes wrong, he will have a relapse tonight, at most until tomorrow. And the pain will only get stronger and stronger, so Sophie, if you want the other half of the antidote... "

Hugh said with a bitter smile.

Cindy glanced at Marcus and her heart tightened. 'Will he have a relapse in the middle of the night?'

She had seen his look when he had a relapse. She couldn't bear the pain just by looking at it, let alone him!

Biting her lips hard, Cindy clenched the phone, stood up carefully, and slowly took down her hands around her waist. Then she got out of bed and walked towards the bathroom.

The moment the door of the bathroom was closed, the man who was still sleeping on the bed suddenly opened his


The madness and resentment in his eyes made his eyes turn red at this moment. "Sophie, don't you want the rest half of the antidote? Come to me if you want. I'll wait for you. This is the biggest bar here. No, don't stay here. I forgot that my Sophie doesn't like this kind of place. Well, let's go somewhere else. I'll send you the specific address. "

Hearing that, Cindy trembled slightly. "Hugh, why did you lie to me? You don't want to give me the antidote at all..."

"How do you know that I won't give you the antidote? Don't you want to do something for Marcus? After all, it can keep him alive. Sophie, although you have the formula of the drug, in this world, only I can save Marcus! Sophie, the antidote is not easy to make. It will take at least a year and a half. After tonight, I will throw the rest of the antidote into the toilet. It depends on you whether you want it or not! "

Hugh said resolutely.

"How about tomorrow? Hugh, I'll be there tomorrow. " Cindy shouted anxiously.

"Tomorrow? Sophie, just wait and see how painful Marcus will be tonight! Maybe if he can't hold on, he will end up like this! Well, I'll deal with those things later... "

Hugh didn't leave her any room.

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