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   Chapter 500 Be Bullied

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"Uh How to put it? We are… Anyway, he has promised me, so I come to him! "

"Sure enough! Uncle, do you have anything to say now? "

As soon as Alisa finished her words, Cindy looked at Bruce with a weird smile.

"Alisa, tell the truth!" Bruce shook his head silently. His niece really wanted to give him a hard time.

"I'm not being nice? Or did I say something wrong? "

Cindy looked at the two people with great interest. The girl who was afraid of her just now was not afraid of her uncle at all. She looked at her uncle's expression.

She whistled in the bottom of her heart and narrowed her eyes. 'There is a play!'

"What? Haven't we reached an agreement yet? Why don't we go inside and have a talk? "

Marcus walked out slowly. As soon as he raised his head, he saw Alisa with the same curious face.

Seeing that Alisa was standing there, Marcus had the same weird smile on his face. He looked at his wife and said, "I didn't expect you to like someone at this age. That's good. You don't have to steal my wife anymore."

"Yes!" Cindy nodded in agreement. They cooperated perfectly.

"No, no, it's not what you think! I'll come here today, come here... "

Looking at the handsome man who suddenly came out, Alisa was stunned and finally hurriedly waved her hand.

In fact, the reason why she came to Bruce today was that she wanted him to fulfill his promise. She didn't expect to make his niece and friends know about it.

Hearing the negative comments of Alisa, Marcus smiled faintly.

"No, it's impossible. Except his woman, who else can come here casually and let his niece come out to pick her up? Well, my wife is pregnant. She can't stay here for too long. Let's go in and talk about it! "

"What? Well Well... "

All of a sudden, Alisa turned to look at Bruce.

But she finally said after thinking

lips curved into a satisfied smile, and his eyes narrowed slightly. His fingers came to her ears and played with her ears.

Hearing his gentle voice, Cindy trembled. For his gentleness, and for the requirements of his words, she raised her head and bit his chin weakly.

"You have been resting for a while. Why are you so hungry? "

'My body is almost falling apart. This guy is still making trouble. Can he not be so energetic?'

"I have been hungry for so many years. Isn't it enough?"

He complained childishly, but finally agreed with her. After all, she was in poor health, and he didn't want her to be too tired.

The two gradually fell asleep, snuggling up to each other. The moonlight shone into the room, reflecting such a loving couple. It seemed to prove to them that they had finally gone through a lot of hardships. They were together and no one could separate them.

In this loving and warm night, their breaths gradually calmed down and stabilized, until a very inappropriate ringtone broke the peace.

For the familiar ringtone, Cindy subconsciously opened her eyes and found the location of the ringtone. She picked up the phone and wanted to close it, but the caller ID on it made her hesitate.

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