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   Chapter 498 Then Who Are You To Him

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In the hotel.

Marcus held his wife tightly and didn't want to let her go. He closed his eyes and felt deeply attached to her aura.

Finally, he was not dreaming now. He was really with her.

Just now, when she was held by that woman, his heart was tightly clenched. She had been giving him hints to make him rest assured. Looking at her eyes, he finally really relaxed. It just because he believed Cindy!

Until he saw her get rid of the shackles, his heart began to get nervous again.

It was not because he was afraid, but because they had formed such a silent trust.

If it weren't for this trust, he wouldn't have been holding her here now. Perhaps he would have stayed in the manor alone for a longer time.

"Honey, my waist is a little sore. How long will you hold me?"

"That's right. Marcus, why don't you consider us being single and lonely?"

Bruce tried to get close to his niece, but his niece rolled her eyes at him.

Marcus stepped back with his wife in his arms. So Bruce couldn't hold her.

Bruce pursed his lips. "Marcus, you are not cute at all!"

"The cute one is a puppy!" Marcus said, picking on the sore spot.

"Oh, my heart is so hurt..."

"Well, he has done a lot this time! Honey, let's go to bed early. We can go back to the Southern City tomorrow. "

Looking at her uncle who was covering her heart, Cindy couldn't help laughing.


Just as Marcus was feeling the warmth of his wife, a bodyguard ran in. It was Bruce's man.

The man first nodded at Marcus and Cindy, and then whispered something in Bruce's ear.

With sharp eyes, Cindy saw clearly what had happened in Bruce's eyes. She narrowed her eyes and showed a hint of interest.

"Uncle, what happened?"

The panic and nervousness in the man's eyes were rare.

Hearing the voice of his niece, Bruce's body was obviously stiff. He raised his head and saw the bright smile on her face.

His face was tense and he was very upset

have heard the conversation between the two. She suddenly raised her head and looked into Cindy's eyes.

A look of shock suddenly appeared on the girl's face, as if she had seen someone extraordinary.

"Are youㄡ Bruce's wife? Does he have a wife?"

Seeing that Cindy and the security guard respected her so much, the girl subconsciously thought that this woman was Bruce's wife, but she had never heard that he was married. Did he keep his marriage a secret?

Cindy was also stunned. Then she asked straightforwardly with a faint smile on her face.

"Then who are you to Bruce? girl friend? Or... His lover?"

"Me? I'm not a lover!"

When the girl heard this word, she instinctively disliked it. It was more like a one night stand than a love relationship, and it was more like a reluctant one.

"Oh, isn't it? Then who are you to him? No matter you are ordinary friends or anything else, you should have a status! "

Cindy looked curiously at the young girl who was a little stunned and asked.

Alisa stood still and frowned. She wouldn't have come to him if she hadn't had to.

He had promised her to do her a favor before. Now she needed a bodyguard very much. Otherwise, as a weak woman, she would probably die before her brother came back, facing the hidden danger in her family.

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