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   Chapter 497 Cindy, Awesome!

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Looking at the confused eyes of Bonnie, Cindy smiled. "Do you remember that I gave my husband a phone?"

As she spoke, she reached out her hand to Marcus, and the phone was already in her hand.

"Although I gave the phone back to him, it didn't work!"

Sitting on her knees on the ground, Betty called out with hesitation.

"I didn't say that I can call him by this phone. There is a special positioning system on this phone, and it is the most high-end one in the world at present. As long as the system software is turned on, the signal will be received wherever you go. So it's not difficult to find you. Not only your location, but also the map here."

With a smile on her face, Cindy said, "Mr. Luke, I have to say that you are too confident!"

"Ha... Sure enough, Mr. Marcus' wife is not an ordinary person!"

A sharp light flashed across Bonnie's eyes.

"Take her away!" As soon as Marcus finished his words, Bruce, who was standing in the distance, suddenly exclaimed, "Cindy!"

Everyone looked to the direction of the voice and saw a sharp knife in Bonnie's hand. She angrily pressed the knife point against Cindy's throat.

Marcus even held Cindy's hand. His body was in front of her, and she was two steps back than him. These two steps gave Bonnie a chance to take advantage of.

It happened so fast. When Marcus turned around, his eyes were filled with bloodthirsty light.

"Let her go if you don't want to die!" His cold voice was like an emissary from hell.

"If I let her go, I won't die? Mr. Marcus, do you think I don't know what we'll face once you take us away? Spending the rest of her life in prison was worse than death! Don't you love your wife very much? I heard that she is pregnant. Well, if you want them to be safe, you'd better do as I said!"

Bonnie put her hand closer to Cindy's neck, and the sharp blade almost pierced into her skin.

"Prepare a car for me. Hurry up!"

"And, let Arvin come here!"


, which had been drooping beside her, suddenly reached behind her back quickly. Feeling that Bonnie's hand on her neck loosened, Cindy rotated her body along the hand holding the knife and faced Bonnie. With an evil smile at the corners of her mouth, she raised her foot and kicked hard at her.

All this happened so fast that Bonnie didn't even know what had happened. Her body had already fallen backwards.


The sound of the landing brought the people around back to their senses. The bodyguards quickly stepped forward and surrounded Bonnie.

Cindy breathed a sigh of relief and clapped her hands, "Well, take her away now!"

They had to go back early and hand these people over to the police, so as not to have a long delay.

"Cindy, you are so mighty. You are my idol!"

Bruce ran over from a distance with excitement on his face. He looked at Cindy's neck again and again. When he was sure that there was no injury, he finally felt relieved.

Glancing at him askance, Cindy pushed him away and asked, "Who was the person showed dislike before? Don't think I can't see you!"

After saying that, she leaned directly towards her husband. Being held in his arms and feeling his unique breath, she finally calmed down.

splendid! She hoped everything could end as soon as possible!

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