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   Chapter 496 It's Not Enough To Be Good To Her All My Life

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With a snort, Cindy walked past Betty to the side of Luke.

Looking at her expression, Bruce was stunned and quickly searched in his heart whether he had offended his niece before.

This girl had a really long period of revenge. Her method was not only torturing her body, but also torturing her spirit.

Just for a moment, Bruce realized that he couldn't offend his niece!

Obviously, Marcus was used to this kind of thing. There was no surprise on his face, but he was a little worried in his heart. What would his wife do to him when he went back?

"You are such a horrible woman. She hadn't even touch a knife before, let alone a gun. How could you let her do such a thing! Since she doesn't want to, why do you still force her?"

Seeing that her sister was about to break down, a burst of anger rose in Bonnie's chest and she glared at Cindy.

"Well, now you know how much sisters love each other? Isn't it the dog eat dog situation in the hotel?"

With a sneer, Cindy replied, "Miss Bonnie, don't you know what a prisoner is? Do you need me to have someone explain it to you?"


Bruce turned to cover his mouth and coughed. The corners of his mouth twitched. His niece was so mean that she didn't hesitate at all to mock her.

Hearing what Cindy said, Bonnie was shocked.

"How did you know that?"

This woman was not like that Betty had told her before. She was not only ruthless, but also cold-blooded.

She didn't even blink her eyes in the face of such a cruel battle just now.

This was what she saw when she was caught out. What shocked her most was that this woman was still smiling. For a moment, she was in a trance, since Cindy behaved as watching a comedy.

"Of course I saw it with my own eyes! Miss Bonnie, do you still like those dishes? I ordered it for you. Have you eaten?"

Cindy approached Bonnie with a w

at it was okay, he nodded to Cindy.

Kaley was released soon after. However, she didn't appreciate Hugh but said hatefully.

"What a good chance! You disappoint me!"

With the antidote in her hand, Cindy and Marcus looked at each other. Not far away, Maurice had finished the work here and rushed over with his people.

"Honey, let's go!"

Although the incident was quite risky and she couldn't find the evidence of Hugh' crime in the end, fortunately, she got the antidote, which made her feel much more relieved.

Marcus fixed his eyes on his wife. He didn't know how she managed to hold on while she knew that he was still dragged!

His big palm tightly wrapped her slightly cold hand. Cindy, it was not enough for him to love her and spoil her all his life!


Just as Cindy and Marcus were about to leave hand in hand, Bonnie behind them couldn't help but shout.

"Mrs. Cindy, I'm curious. How did you know this place? Besides, haven't you returned to the Southern City? The newspaper also published a lot of news. Your relationship with Mr. Marcus is in danger. "

Looking at the woman with a smile on her face, Bonnie asked.

"Of course you told me that." The smile on Cindy's face became deeper and deeper.

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