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   Chapter 495 settle Accounts

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 6228

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It was none other than Kaley, Hugh's mother, who was held hostage by Cindy!

"Sophie, let go of my mother!"

"Hugh, don't ask them to do that. Now they are all here. Just kill them all!"

With a ferocious look on her face, she seemed not afraid of death at all.

However, Marcus didn't care about what the mother and son said. When he saw the face he had been missing day and night, he couldn't help but rush forward and hold her tightly in his arms. The tears in his eyes instantly turned into water vapor. He murmured, "Honey, I miss you so much. I finally see you. You didn't leave. That's great, that's great!"

He chattered a lot, and repeated, "Honey, I know you know me best!"

Smelling the familiar scent of this man, Cindy finally calmed down. She didn't do anything and let him hold her tightly. She was also worried about him and missed him.

"Hey, Marcus, I'm here too? Even if I don't have any contribution, I worked hard! "


Marcus, who hadn't had enough warmth, looked at the man beside him. He looked at Bruce's outfit from head to toe and said, "It looks like ok."

After all, he didn't know how good Bruce was at fighting.

"What do you mean by that? That's it! "

Bruce said as he raised his pistol and waved it in front of Marcus, as if he wanted him to express his gratitude soon.

But unfortunately, he was completely ignored again.

"Marcus, how can you be so disrespectful to me, the uncle of your wife? Don't you want a good life?"

Although Bruce said so, he had been worried about Marcus before. Now that he saw that Marcus was fine, he finally felt relieved.

"Well, uncle, it's not the time to talk about family affairs. Solve the problem as soon as possible and leave here!"

Cindy looked at the direction where the voice came from, and then fixed her eyes on Hugh.

A hint of cruelty flashed t

cious and cold light.

"No, no, No. I'm the one who looks terrible!"

The gleam in Cindy's eyes made her tremble. Why did she say so much about the fact that Marcus had bandaged her wound? This woman was simply a devil!

But in order to save her life, Betty looked up at Cindy and begged.

"Mrs. Huo, it was all my fault. I won't do it again. Please let me go!"

"Let you go? Okay, as I said, let's make a deal! As long as you complete my order, I will let you go."

"What... What?" Seeing that there was hope, there was a flash of light in Betty's eyes.

Cindy raised her hand slightly, and Bruce immediately handed the gun to her. Then, Cindy handed the gun to Betty

"Don't you hate that man very much? As long as you shoot him, I will let you go! What do you think?"


Hearing Cindy's words, Betty was paralyzed with fear. It was okay for her to play tricks, but shooting? She didn't even take a knife, let alone a gun. What's more, she had to shoot at Luke.

"I... I can't..." Betty didn't dare to look at the gun under her eyes.

"Miss Betty, aren't you very capable? Don't you like to be a strong woman? I've given you the chance to show off. You should cherish it! A strong woman is not only about work!"

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