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   Chapter 493 Deep Hatred

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With a gloomy face, Marcus asked, "Where is he?" Then he walked slowly to Betty and said firmly, "Is there a secret passage in the room?"

Betty raised her eyes weakly and fixed them on the man in front of her.

"Yes. I didn't expect Mr. Marcus to be so smart and skilled! So you know who I am from the very beginning? That's why you let me approach you on purpose? "

Seeing Marcus like this, she felt that he was more charming. Unfortunately, he had never been her man.

"You're the first man I've seen wrong! What's your purpose? "

"Revenge! Tell me the entrance of the secret passage. Maybe I can save your life! "

Marcus said coldly, looking at the blood coming out of her body.

"Revenge? It seems that I am the one who is really framed, not you. What kind of hatred can make you choose to sacrifice yourself? "

It suddenly dawned on Betty that she was smart, but was trapped by her own trap. This man had been playing along with her all the time.

"A deep hatred!"

Marcus pointed his gun at her head, squatted down and looked at her with a gloomier face. "Tell me, or not?"

When Betty saw his red eyes and the anger on his face, her nerves froze. 'Deep hatred? I see!'

"Ha ha, do you think I'm afraid of this now? It's the first time that I know it hurts so much when I'm shot. To be honest, you can't save me. Now you can't even protect yourself. Here you are. This is the formula of the medicine you took. I originally planned to threaten you with it. It seems that people can't do too many bad things. My retribution comes so soon. The secret passage of this room is... "

The gunshot from Marcus just now made the whole manor in chaos, but when the bodyguards arrived here, there was only Betty who was leaning against the corner of the table.

"Miss Betty, can you hear me?"

The first bodyguard was shocked to see her lying on the ground with her eyes closed. He thought she had died.

"What? Do you think I was killed?" Suddenly, she opened her eyes and

Everyone will have a good day with me! Catch him! "

"Ha Just them? "

Marcus raised his gun and shot at the men who had pounced on him. He wouldn't show mercy.

Seeing that his men were knocked down, Luke became nervous. He shouted at the crowd, "All of you, shoot at his legs and arms. Hurry up! Stop him!"

Bang! Bang! Bang

As soon as he finished his words, a burst of rapid gunshots rang out in the crowd. The man who was pointing his gun at Marcus suddenly fell to the ground.

The crowd burst into an uproar, and all of them looked flustered. They raised their heads and looked around vigilantly.

When the people around him were lost in thought, Marcus quickly rushed to the position of Luke, and quickly changed the bullets in his hands.

"Stop him!"

Looking at the figure shuttling through the crowd like a ghost, Luke was anxious. He roared in horror and turned to run away.

"Do you think you can outrun the bullet?"

Marcus kicked off the man in front of him and fired several shots at Luke's leg.

"Ouch!" With a sharp pain in his legs, Luke lost control and pounced forward.

He turned around with difficulty and looked at Marcus who was fighting with his men. His hands continued to climb forward.

But his behavior didn't last for a few seconds. A shadow blocked his way in front of him.

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