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   Chapter 491 Luke's Den

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Cindy's heart sank when she saw the obvious dark circles on his handsome face. "But you didn't sleep last night. You will be very tired!"

"It doesn't matter. I'm used to it. If you feel sorry for me, just eat quickly and replace me after eating!"

Knowing that she was worried about him, Bruce gave a doting smile and patted her on the head. His eyes were full of care. He was gratified that his niece was getting closer and closer to him.

"Okay." Her eyes were filled with tears. This kind of warm care undoubtedly brought more strength to her at this moment.

When Cindy finished her meal, she turned around and saw the grim look on Bruce's face. She felt nervous and walked quickly. "What's wrong? Do Luke's men show up? Are they finally there? "

When she looked at the person on the screen of the computer, a cold light flashed in her eyes, and she clenched her fists hard.

"Yes, but I don't know their purpose." Bruce crossed his hands on his chin and squinted slightly.

In the room, Marcus was lying on the bed. He was still in sound sleep. The drug took effect until midnight and he finally fell asleep.

He was holding the phone that his wife gave him.

"Ding Dong! Ding Dong!"

The doorbell rang incessantly. On the bed, Marcus frowned tightly because of the noise. Suddenly, he sat up and looked at his surroundings vigilantly.

What happened yesterday kept flashing back in his mind. Thinking of the back of his wife yesterday, he felt nervous. He lowered his head and saw the phone in his hand.

"Cindy, wait for me!"

"Here we are. Get off the car!" A cold and hard voice came to Marcus's ears.

As soon as he walked out of the hotel, those people covered his eyes. He carefully listened to the sounds around him from the noisy urban area to the suburb. It was unusually quiet, especially the air was different.

"What's this place?" He asked

I hope we can have a pleasant cooperation! Mr. Marcus! "

As she spoke, Bonnie held the gun in one hand and moved the other towards Marcus.

Marcus didn't respond to Bonnie. But when he turned around, suddenly, the phone in his pocket was held in her hand. At the same time, the gun in her hand was pointed at Marcus's temple.

"Mr. Marcus, you'd better cooperate!"

"Give my wife's phone back to me. Of course I will cooperate."

Marcus didn't seem to care that she was shooting at him. He glared at her.

"If you want to make a phone call, we can buy you a phone. But you can't use this one."

Bonnie immediately gave up his idea.

"Don't you understand what I mean? Your boss really doesn't want to cooperate with me. Don't forget that although you have brought me here, my subordinates are also here! They are not weak. Even if I die, they won't let you go! "

Anger was written all over Marcus's face. "Give me back my phone!"

Bonnie pursed her lips and looked up at the camera diagonally ahead of her head. And the person on the other side of the camera was no other than Luke.

A voice came from the diamond earring on Bonnie's ear.

After receiving the order of the boss, Bonnie reluctantly returned Marcus's phone to him.

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