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   Chapter 490 The Mistress Who Makes A New Couple Break Up

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The sarcastic words slowly came out of his thin hooked lips, clear and powerful, and the voice reached everyone's ears.

At this time, when everyone looked at Betty again, a look of epiphany appeared on their faces. It turned out to be like this!

All of a sudden, more ridicule and contempt appeared on people's faces.

Cindy, who was walking in front of them, didn't feel happy because of these words. She still walked forward with a cold face.

"No, I'm not the mistress. He's talking nonsense. Please save me. They are two madmen!"

Looking at the mocking and disdainful eyes of the people around her, Betty almost collapsed. Their eyes were like sharp swords, making her have nowhere to hide. At last, she could only beg them for mercy again and again.

"Madman? You are the one who is really crazy to talk nonsense! Miss Betty, if you are not a mistress, why did you drug someone else's husband? Why were you with her husband in the same room, your clothes not properly dressed? If you cannot be called mistress, then please tell me, what kind of person can be called that? Oh, by the way, you are really not the mistress. You are just a bitch who tries to take advantage of work and tries to steal other people's husband! "

Bruce quickened his pace and left the words on the corridor of the hotel.

"Where are you taking me?"

When she heard him call out her full name, a touch of despicable expression flashed through her eyes. She was even more panic about what they would do to her next.

"People like you, of course, need to have a good look. Do you want to stay in the hotel lobby? Or to the door? Or downtown? "

Bruce stopped and raised her body slowly, looking down at her. He curled his lips contemptuously and said coldly.

"No. Marcus is fine now. Let me go. It's all his fault. It's not my fault. I could not have got in if he had not opened the door! "


"Ah -"

Before she finished her words, another slap fell on her face. This time, Cindy used all her strength to attack that ugly face again.

Seeing that the c

is Betty? Have you found her? "

"Yes. She just went to the hospital, but Luke didn't send anyone to see her. It seems that he has completely thrown away this chess piece."

Bruce looked at the computer screen aside. When he thought of the scene that he saw that woman in the hospital, a trace of mockery flashed on his face. Such a person was most worried about his own life.

"I don't think so. Although I don't know much about Luke, he has been working for Daniel for so long. Even if one of his chess pieces is nearly destroyed, he will make use of it before it is completely destroyed!"

"Cindy You? "

Bruce was shocked by his niece's words.

"What? What's wrong? "

Looking at the man next to her who wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought, Cindy was a little surprised. This was not like the usual him.

"Never mind. Let's have meals first! I asked the cook to prepare the new dishes for you. Do you like them? "

As he spoke, Bruce pulled her up and pushed her to the table which had already been set. But Cindy didn't take her eyes off the computer.

"Well, don't worry. I'll keep an eye on them for you!"

His gentle but tough voice shocked Cindy a little. She looked down at the nutritious food in front of her and felt warm in her heart.

It turned out that even in the tense atmosphere yesterday, he still did not forget it.

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