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   Chapter 488 I'm Not That Disgusting

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 5983

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After glancing at the two people, Betty suddenly found that Bruce was holding Cindy's hand tightly.

She was so surprised. It seemed that something was wrong!

'This lady didn't seem to be lonely when Marcus wasn't with her.'

"Get out of the way! Marcus is inside!"

All of a sudden, Cindy glared at the woman in front of her with sharp eyes, as if she wanted to stab her directly.

"Don't let me say it a second time!"

She warned her word by word!

"Mrs. Cindy, I think you must have made a mistake. Why is Mr. Marcus here? He didn't! "

Betty reached out to stop Cindy. She was here with a man, but she still acted like she was catching adultery, which made her a little confused.

She didn't know why Cindy was so confident!

However, as soon as she finished her words, she was suddenly kicked up and fell directly to the floor behind her.

She lay on the ground and covered her stomach in pain.

Cindy put down her feet and looked coldly at the woman whose facial muscles were twitching. She snorted, "You deserve this!"

After saying that, she reached out and pushed the door open. She lifted her feet and walked past Betty into the room.

Looking at the woman who was crying on the ground, Bruce couldn't help but blink his eyes. Then he looked at the figure who had already walked in, and his heart couldn't help trembling.

His niece's kick really vented the anger in her heart.

The moment she kicked, her whole body leaned against herself. Obviously, she was afraid of hurting the baby in her belly, so she did not use her full strength. But the injury was enough to make her painful for a while.

Bruce's mouth twitched, "Cindy, wait for me!" Shouting, he kicked away the white leg in front of his feet and chased after her.


The pain fr

Bruce walked to the cabinet where Marcus hid. He took a look at Cindy and was about to open the door, but the cabinet was pushed open from inside. Marcus was right in front of them!

When Bruce looked at the intact Marcus in front of him, a big stone fell from his heart in an instant.

"You were drugged? Did this woman do it? " Of course he was talking about the aphrodisiac.

Although Marcus knew what he meant, his hand, which was holding the door of the cabinet, trembled slightly. He looked at Cindy, who was staring at him coldly, and tried to pull out a warm smile.

"Honey, don't worry. I didn't lose my virginity! Why are you here? "

Marcus pretended to be confused. Looking at Bruce who had been with her all the time, he felt a little relieved. As long as she was protected by someone, everything would be fine.

Cindy's tense fingers finally relaxed, but her expression didn't change. She stared at him and said, "Marcus, don't pretend to know nothing in front of me! "

Then she put the phone in his hand and said, "Have a look! There is a message from you. Don't tell me it's not from you. Don't tell me that you have taken her for me. I'm not that disgusting! "

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