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   Chapter 487 My Wife Is Here

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 6599

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As she spoke, Betty began to look through Marcus's phone. Soon, she found "wife" in the phone book.

Looking at the man on the bed, she smiled weirdly. She quickly edited a message and pressed the send button.

Marcus frowned. "I said put it down!"

All of a sudden, he sat up with all his strength. He grabbed her wrist and threw her to the other side of the bed, trying to grab the phone from her hand.

"How could you still move?"

Betty looked at the man in front of her in disbelief.

She thought he had recovered, but when she saw the light in his eyes was still wandering, she realized that he was actually holding on.

His dose was much higher than hers!

In fact, Marcus was still weak, so he didn't have much strength to pinch her.

Looking at the man in front of her with a complicated expression, Betty said, "For your wife, you can even resist this drug. But it's too late now. The message has been sent. So what if you take back your phone? She will still see it! "

"Isn't it good to be with me? Luke will definitely give me that drug. Even if he doesn't give it to me, I will find a way to get it for you. Even if you are rich, you can't buy this medicine. Besides, you can't get rid of it at all because you have taken too much before! "

"You set a trap! Tell me, who are you? I've begun to believe you before! "

Although Marcus didn't have much strength, he forced himself to keep sober and continued to act with her.

He held the phone tightly in his hand, and his knuckles turned white. In this phone, only Cindy's and Maurice's phone numbers were real.

This damn woman dared to send such a message to Cindy. He must get the specific hiding place of the evidence of the crime of Hugh before she came.

And to get that, he had to rely on this woman!

Hearing Marcus's words, Betty was stunned. "So you haven't heard what he said before. Did you slowly recover from hearing after entering the room?"

'Did he just say that he

as standing quietly at the door with her head down and said nothing.

He reached out his big hand and wrapped it around her hand. Only then did he find that her hand was so cold. She shouldn't have such a temperature in the weather here.

The door was suddenly opened from inside. A disheveled woman looked at them in surprise.

"Mr. Bruce, what are you doing here?"

Betty didn't intend to let the two enter the room. On the contrary, she blocked the door as if she was trying to hide something.

"Get out of my way!"

Bruce looked at the woman in front of him who had really recovered. His eyes flashed a sharp light, and his face was frosty. He shouted coldly.

Finally, Cindy raised her head and looked at the expression on Betty's face. She sneered in her heart. 'She is really good at pretending. Wasn't this message sent by her?'

But she didn't care about this woman. She wasn't in the mood to fight with her now. She just wanted to see Marcus!

"Mr. Bruce, what are you talking about? This is my room. You seem to… I don't think it is appropriate for you to come in. There is a mess inside. You two can talk at the door! "

Seeing Bruce, Betty was surprised. She sent a message to his husband on Marcus's phone. 'Why did this woman pull another man? Or did they actually have some news?'

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