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   Chapter 486 I Will Give You A Big Surprise

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"Ha ha, Cindy, don't take it seriously. I was just joking with you just now. Of course I will go if I'm useful. Besides, it's an important thing. "

Bruce looked at Cindy with a smile on his face again, but his palms were covered with sweat. He interrupted her on purpose.

Because he dared not to listen to her answer. After all, it was not long ago that she knew the existence of him as her uncle.

He was not confident!

They just knew each other. It was good enough that she admitted that he was her uncle. Their relationship needed to be strengthened.

When she came back home with him, she would definitely be closer to them under the cover of their family affection.

"Yes, I will go!" Cindy blurted out!

Hearing his trembling voice, Cindy felt warm in her heart. In her heart, she had regarded him as her family.

"What? What did you say, Cindy? I'm a little deaf. " Bruce felt as if he had an auditory hallucination. When he lowered his head, he saw his hands trembling.

It turned out that he was so nervous. He had been in the Qi Family for so many years, and no one could make him like this no matter what kind of occasion.

Of course, Cindy also saw his trembling hands. She smiled at him and said, "I said I would go because I called you uncle!"

"Cindy, I want to hug you!" Hearing this, Bruce didn't know how to express his feelings now.

Ignoring his hand, Cindy stepped forward and looked at him with her clear eyes. "But this may endanger your life!"

Just now, Hugh had said that, so the seriousness of the matter was obvious.

"Cindy, trust me! I have already escaped from death. I won't be afraid of these! "

He answered seriously.

Cindy's body trembled. It was not easy for this man to be as happy as today. He must have climbed more thorns than Marcus and others, right?

"Cindy, everything is

abnormal means! So I saved you, and you should pay me back. You should give me a response. Ha ha... "

The corners of her mouth moved and a painful expression appeared on her face.

Even so, she still said to the person on the bed. "How do you feel now? Do you enjoy it? It's okay. I'll make you enjoy it more and give you a big surprise later! "

As she spoke, she came to the side of the bed and reached out to look for his cell phone.

Marcus knew clearly what the woman was doing, but his body was very weak and he couldn't move at all. He tried to open his eyes and stared at the direction of Betty, with a cold luster in his eyes.

"Put it down!"

His voice was full of warning.

Then Betty's hand subconsciously shrank. But when she saw that his eyes were in a daze, she felt relieved and took his reaction as his conditioned response.

Betty smiled. "You know what? Your struggle now is in vain. When the medicine is infused into your internal organs, you will have no strength to resist at all. Only I can help you! Mr. Marcus, don't you love your wife so much? If I send a message to that arrogant woman and let her see how we are in the same room now… Will she trust you as she did last time? Hahaha... "

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